In today’s generation we are so busy in social media, but now everything is going to change because now social media can be used for automation as well. Social media automation refers to the tools which can be used to automate the process of posting content on social networking and social bookmarking sites as well. The tools can be of either two types namely manual or semi-automated which are either commercial or paid versions of it.

Here are the list of the automation tools which are helpful in regulating your business in social media and they are very much time saving.

When you post new content from your blog, you want to promote it in all of your channels in social media. But you need not have to search for a social networking site and do it. Instead does the job for you by making you choose the site you want to post and which destination you want to put it into.Once the new updates are created , it automatically sends out all your updates.


A free web-based service that most users prefer using it to create a chain of simple conditional statements which in other words are called as applets. This applet comes into existence when services like Gmail, Facebook and other social media services are triggered by a chain of events.



It’s quite similar to IFTTT and is an individual automated task. Zap could be a task which does the monitoring of YouTube when a new video is popped up. There are 250 services which are supported in it. These are the ones which gives an indication of when the event is triggered.



A kind of automated tool which runs with the help of emails and it is also considered as an email marketing tool as well. When a user signs up from the given list of emails you have from social media, you can automatically send more automated emails as well.



An open source social media company which is based in India which helps a lot of rookie startups to understand the nuances of social media. The main ideology behind this company is that it uses the state-of-the-art tools to get the 360 degree knowledge of you business page. Many innovative products are also invented to fill the critical gap.



These automated tools are pretty much helpful in helping you setting up your business. The best part of these automated tools is that they are time saving. That means these tools come in handy for automating your business. Do subscribe to our blog for more updates. See ya!!