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We build social technology which helps businesses and brands to better understand social media and harness its real power. Our vision is to provide easy to use tools to businesses and brands which covers 360 degree use cases when it comes to Social Media.


Open Source Social Media Tools

Way to Better Understand Social Media, Get to know in depth about Social Media and Make Informed decisions to Skyrocket your revenues.

Wide Range of Social Tools

Cutting Edge Open Source Media Products. Choose from our list of Social Media tools, Liberate yourself today and go open source!

Wide Range of Social Tools

Access Social data, Skyrocket revenue Own all of your social data, create reports with deep insights and analyze them to generate best possible ROI.

Top Features of Socioboard Core


Quick and Easy Management

Manage Multiple Channels
An ultimate social media management tool helps to easily manage multiple social media channels — all from a single dashboard.

Bulk Schedule
A simple way to schedule a month worth of content. Use a spreadsheet to build and schedule as many social media posts as you like in a single tap.


Easy Customization

Responsive platform
A fully open-source and flexible platform that offers the best way to manage various social profiles, and reduce the number of times you visit individual social accounts.

Time Savior
Enable you to plan effectively, share your advertisements throughout the day, connect directly to your customers, manage multiple profiles, and more to ensure that promotional targets are met.


Great Compatibility

User-Friendly platform
The user-friendly interface incorporates advanced tools for social media publishing and intuitive workflow to allow you to prepare, schedule, and post messages from a single platform across networks.

Extensible in the form of Plugins
The SocioBoard Core software is an extension of our official application and can be downloaded and run on both Android and iOS. We also have our desktop application that allows you to improve your marketing strategies for social media.


Advanced-Data Analytics

Custom Reports
Evaluate your brand results by picking from a wide range of analytics to tailor-made reports for multiple social networks and other metrics.

Stats and Data Analysis
Use Socioboard's easy-to-understand toolkit to measure the metrics that matter from day one. Learn to gain instantly actionable insights with comprehensive strategies and smart analytics.


Quick Engagements

Great Integration
Generate high end leads from social media and identify which all channels bring in maximum revenue.

Easy Automation
Automate your social media company profiles and increase the exposure of your site. By identifying a good online presence, SocioBoard allows you to gain maximum leads in your niche.

Socioboard Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers

Socioboard Official App

An extension of Socioboard Core app on iOS and Android that helps you manage all your social media accounts you have connected to Socioboard Web Core via mobile apps, both iOS and Andriod versions.



Multiple twitter account management app available in both iOS as well as Android App versions.

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