Women’s liberation has battled no wars. It has murdered no adversaries. It has set up no inhumane imprisonments, starved no adversaries, and rehearsed no savageries. Its fights have been for instruction, for the vote, for better-working conditions, for security on the roads, for child care, for social welfare, for assault emergency focuses, ladies’ displaced people, changes in the law” – Catriona Pollard, writer, author, women activist.

In spite of the destitution’s many women endure every day, next half of the 20 century for women has seen an incredible advance in three major areas – rights, education, and leadership. This has driven the transformation with rushing gender equality. Parity rights matter because it can compel the choice available for women in many phases of life. A number of women are highly educated and also literates when compared to the past.

And in the present women are steadily increasing their presence in the social media platform. Women leaders are universally get engaged in social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook twitter, and Instagram which has been the key to success for many of the women entrepreneurs.

Let us go through the success story of Catriona Pollard who succeeded in her business using linked platform

Catriona Pollard is one of the famous authors of From Unknown to Expert, a regulated structure intended to offer business visionaries some assistance with developing successful PR and also online social media networking strategies to end up perceived as influencers in their field.

Catriona is additionally the chief of CP Communications, which combines customary PR strategies with bleeding edge social media schemes that help to engage customers, in addition, business.

She is also the founder of CP communications, a much-admired PR and social media assistance known for creating amazing results. It is one of the first PR agencies to offer services through social media such as LinkedIn

She is well benefited by using LinkedIn in promoting her business more efficiently that the reason why she always used to say that LinkedIn is the best source because an accurate combination of media exposure and also social dialogue can be the incentive needed to strengthen reputation and lift your sales. With the use of this strategies, you have a chance to be seen as a business leader, giving you a diverse competitive advantage.

Achievements of Catriona Pollard:

She one among the successful women who succeeded in achieving her goal using social media platform she was grown as one of the famous authors in around world. Many of the clients love the services provided by her company because they do whatever it takes to get the deserved results.

She was the author of the book, called ‘From Unknown to Expert’, is one of the famous books which is beneficial to people who want to be recognized in their particular field in order to take proprietorship of their expertise.

She is named as one of the top 50 most dominant women entrepreneurs and the top 100 PR people follow on LinkedIn. She is an active media commenter who views on social media and LinkedIn has been comprehensively published in media such as SMH, CEO Magazine, The Australian, Sky Business News, B&T, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post and Smart Company.

She is also one of the top demand presenters who have presented at hundreds of worthy conferences   and business groups which includes Women on Boards, DELL, CEO Institute, Problogger, City of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, CBA,  Entrepreneurs’ Organization and many more.

Catriona Pollard famous publications:

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Thus, she has become one of the famous authors and also Public Relations & Social Media expert, CEO CP Communications, Author, Presenter, and Trainer

Likewise, there are many women in and around the world who had become more dominant in the field of business by using social media as a major platform for the purpose of promoting their business.  

Females in senior positions and government have made achievement in impacting the course of open ventures. In this present reality where women think about various things from men (and female do seem to tend to youngsters, rights, destitution destruction, and environment more than men do), it might be that when women have more voice, yet they drive institutional interests in a way that supports kids, environment, and economic improvement. In this way, when the female has more rights in the political coliseum, the nature of open ventures additionally changes.

The world is a better home when womenfolk have the influence to lead.