There are lots of good reasons for why a company or business may wish to add Twitter to their marketing strategy, including online reputation management and social media engagement. Furthermore, the small business owners usually prefer using the social network to simply help them  stay in touch with their existing customers, prospects and community, and thus expanding their business to make profits.

What are small businesses concerned about?

Based on one of the recently conducted study, around 42 % small businesses stated they’re concerned about acquiring new clients, which makes it their top problem being a business proprietor. Also significant, the same study also revealed that around 33 % of small business owners are worried about maintaining a good relationship with their existing clients.

How can (small) business owners implement a Twitter marketing strategy?

Companies are more participating in Twitting because of several reasons. It’s crucial that you initially understand the actual aim for using Twitter to benefit your business. Considering this goal in mind, companies must look at the action steps needed to help them accomplish this goal. For instance, if any business really wants to raise their client base by 15% over an interval of three months via a Twitter marketing campaign, they can make use of a social media management software like SocioBoard Core, or particularly for Twitter, TwtBoardPro can be used to assist advertise special or promotional offers and boost brand awareness. TwtBoardPro, a Twitter marketing software that assists small business owners to automating their complete marketing campaign and making them sit back & relax. With TwtBoardPro, tweets can be scheduled so that even if you’re busy, it’ll manage your marketing campaign on behalf of you.

But, why employ Twitter as an important marketing tool?

Among the several reasons why people follow companies and other people on Twitter, approx. 52 % do so to become aware of special deals and promotions, and 33% do this to have freebies. As well as providing free merchandise and discounts, followers will also get interested in getting exclusive content, knowing new products and services, and participating in contests.

Here are the top 7 reasons why small businesses love using Twitter-

  • Everyone else is doing it widely.
  • Twitter is good optics.
  • Twitter is the quickest way to spread the message out.
  • Twitter assists in staying on the top of your industry, field and market segment.
  • Twitter assists in refining the brand.
  • Twitter is the best networking tool.
  • And the most crucial reason that small businesses are using Twitter – because Twitter allows to get engaged with your customers.

Thus, there you have it. Epigrammatic, Twitter can let your small business with the other channel to modify and get engaged with your existing and potential customers – and every possibility to do that is surely worth exploring.

Although, it’s important to make sure that you are making use of Twitter properly for promoting your business, so that you don’t get assumed as a spammer and thus damage the reputation of your small business.