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You may have read out our posts on Twitter marketing, but now its time to level it up on why marketing on Twitter really matters. Many people ponder over this question- “Why should you actually use Twitter as a marketing tool?”

Generally, when its about outlining the social strategies for small businesses as well as well-established businesses, it can be really compulsive identifying which social networking platforms work best for your business particularly. Twitter could possibly get dark at times often because of the proven fact that companies understand it to be aimed more toward a youthful audience, and not fundamentally helpful for specific sectors and industries. Nevertheless, statistics shows that this couldn’t be further in the reality.

Some facts-

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There are more than 302 million monthly active Twitter users presently on Twitter, a social networking platform changing the world with 140 characters. Of those, around 80% of them are available on mobile, meaning that they have the ability to tweet from anywhere they are. This can be one of the many reasons that TwtBoardPro capitalizes on targeted locations to ensure that organizations may incorporate real prospective buyers in a given area for their Twitter marketing strategy. By the end of 2015, it’s predicted that one-fifth of online users in the U.S. is expected to make their accounts on Twitter, and that average Twitter user will follow at least 5 and more businesses. Furthermore, over one-third of Twitter users will generally buy or make a business from the brand or company they are following on the micro-blogging platforms. But, what about the real player? For all those who are anxious that Twitter dwells too young of the crowd, stats reveals that there’s a superb representation of different ages, from 18 – 65 and more.

But Why Twitter?

Why more and more people are using Twitter, and why might they desire being reached out to by way of a company on Twitter versus several other social networking platforms? Twitter is being used by people of different ages on account of it being the most truly effective way to get aware of the latest news and its great power of acting as a real-time search engine. Real time is the primal word here. Since Twitter lives in the right here, at this time virtual world, the social networking platform  modifies the organizations when employed for marketing purposes. Organizations offer customer service in real time and respond back to the problems and praise as soon as it happens.

Overall, Twitter is just a more fun digital marketing platform because of its 140-character restriction and hashtag strategy. Customers usually appreciate being reached out to by brands & companies, and happily participate in related discussions and conversations. They’re likewise more prone to notice these discussions, because of the fact that– unlike Facebook –a Tweet from a person turns up on each follower’s feed.

Moreover, the advent of technologies has made it easy for marketers to manage their marketing campaign using advanced tools like TwtBoardPro, which is capable of handling multiple twitter account without making even the smallest mistake. All the activities needed for the twitter marketing can be done using TwtBoardPro.

Finally, Twitter has been inspired from the public. View a brand new bout of a television show, and you’re prone to begin to see the show’s personal hashtag and/or Twitter manage within the part, so you can live-tweet what you’re viewing. Around 50% of the Super Bowl advertisements, this season showcased a hashtag of some kind, dubbing it the “Hashtag Bowl.” Visit a cafe or a restaurant, and you’re probably to see mention of the Twitter handle of the company some or the other place at your table. You should subscribe to the email list for one of your preferred store brands, but don’t be amazed when they will send you mails about their Twitter specials offers, deals and discounts.

The Takeaway

The blunt fact is that using Twitter like an influential marketing tool is essential for businesses irrespective of their size and offered products and services due to the fact that’s where people are. There is no sense of doing fishing in a dried-up pond when you already have an ocean overfull with fishes simply waiting for you to fishing.

Are you looking to revamp your Twitter tactic? With TwtBoardPro, get the most out of using Twitter for marketing. Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.

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