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Facebook page design

Facebook introduced a new design for its page. In the new design we notice most of the changes in the Facebook public view page followed by small changes in admin view and offers a better overview of the information and page. So let us go in detail.

The Old Design vs. the New Design

The width of the cover photo has increased from 851 pixels to 1012 pixels, and now cover photo will be clearly visible without being covered by any other stuff.

FB Old Design vs. the New Design

  • Now the profile photo is no longer assimilated in top the Facebook cover photo.
  • The name of the Facebook page will be displayed more prominently.
  • The name of the user (@username) is now displayed under the page name.
  • Facebook new page design displays the category on the right corner of the page.
  • All the boxes or information which used to be on the left are now showed on the right.
  • Now we will find an overview of various tabs of the Facebook page which brings tabs and apps on the interest of the users.
  • The chronological timeline will be no more and also Facebook removed browsing by date.

Facebook New Page Design for Administrators

New Page Design for Administrators

  • Insights overview has been relocated from top right to middle of the page exactly where the news feed is.
  • Button and promote the call to action also relocated to the center of the page.
  • So now let us discuss some significant parts that make you get ready for upcoming design accessible for your Facebook page.

#1: Design Your Cover Photo

Earlier you Facebook cover photo use to integrate with you profile photo, and also covered by CTA button, page name, user name and many such additional options. But with the Facebook new design you cover photo can be clearly visible in all of its grandeur.

Design Your Cover Photo

This means now you can design your cover photo in such a way that it can show off your product, services and more over brand uniqueness.

#2: Add a Call-to-Action Button

Add a Call-to-Action Button

Facebook is now proving you a bold, new and bright CTA design, now there are more chances that people will like to click your particular CTA button beside Like button. So it’s time for business people to add CTA button to their business page or else their page may look like something missing out there.

#3: Ensure That All of Your Tabs Have Content

Earlier, tabs like “About” were a less noticeable. So having your information rounded out completely wasn’t as large of an issue. But now all the tabs are relocated to the left side of the page and are static as visitors scroll your page up and down, visitors may click on them.


So ensure you have your About tab filled out completely.

#4: Add Custom Tabs

With the old design, you can only display four tabs, and the reaming are placed under the drop/down menu called More.

Add Custom Tabs

Now, those custom links are placed in the place where visitors can scroll up and down, so they have the option to click on at the time of browsing the posts. So now it’s time for people to add custom tabs for the purpose of custom features.

Final words:

So it’s time for your to explore your business with Facebook new features live videos and Notes. Enhance your Facebook marketing strategy by posting a variety of stuff that engages your targeted users. Influence your target audience with Facebook advertising.