From the past few years, the use of the internet increased worldwide rapidly. It is obvious that the reason behind this is the emerged social media. Especially when Facebook had come into light and people tasted the fun in it, they started involving it in their lives. Since then, the entire online marketing was changed.

Marketers found new methods and implemented new strategies. But now, it is time to change all the strategies. Yes, social media networking is changing. People are turning towards the Messaging apps and bots, which are also a part of the social media.


Earlier, people create networks in the public media. But now, they are preferring the private groups on the messaging apps. With this, we can see the significant change in the meaning of ‘social media’, which is entirely different from the fundamental social media. So, marketers need to think of new ideas and strategies.

Some interesting facts about the messaging apps:

Let us have a look at a report by an economist:

Of all the downloaded apps, a quarter of them were abandoned just after a one-time use. On the other hand, over 2.5 billion people have the instant messaging apps. This is enough to say, the messaging apps are the only trend now. It was also learnt that by a couple of years, the number would be a whopping 3.6 billion.

This is the reason why Facebook has attained the leading messaging app, WhatsApp, for $19bn. Besides, they had launched an instant messaging app for facebook with name, Messenger. As most of the teenagers are attracted to the messaging apps, Facebook is holding the lion’s share of the market.

If you want to know the stats about media sharing, needless to say, messaging apps have already dominated the rest of the dark social. Dark social channels are including the messaging apps like WhatsApp, and Messenger, Emails and private browsing.

Now, take a look on the user count. And wow!! The rise in the graph is amazing. Though the social networking apps are showing growth, it is continuous with a small improvement. On the other hand, messaging apps completely dominated the social networking apps. Though they are started slowly, by the end of 2015 fiscal, it was at its best.

Challenge to Marketers!!!

Online marketing is at full pace now, thanks to the social media. Marketers have launched different kinds of strategies and implementing them successfully. But now, the way people using the social media is changing. So now, marketers need to concentrate on the messaging apps.

Public Social Networking gave them a chance to reach millions of users with ease. But, users feel the messaging apps personal. And they don’t want to be interrupted by ads. Even, they may not react well to the ads on the messaging apps.

Many brands have already started leveraging the messaging apps. The leading sportswear brand, Adidas, is using WhatsApp to create local communities in cities. Earlier, it used Twitter media for branding. Now, it relies on the leading messaging app. As per one of the senior directors of Adidas, now they are able to send multimedia through the messaging apps, which opened the doors to reach the youngsters. So now, they are able to generate more leads and able to create more advocates for their marketing.

On the other side, the comedy website Funny or Die is using the leading messaging app, Kik, which helps them to generate a conversion rate as high as 10%.

When reading these success stories, a marketer can get confidence in making use of the messaging apps for one’s brand promotion and marketing. It is all about learning new things and testing the waters.

What about the ‘Bots’?

Bots are different from the messaging apps. They are a way to simulate the conversations of a human. One can interact with the bots and get information or their work done. Like, you can order it to book a taxi, rather than making a call to the taxi service provider.

These bots are live on the servers. So, users need not install the bots. They can use them whenever they need them. These are providing a smooth experience to the users. As they need not tap on the apps to switch. Already, the messaging apps WeChat and Kik have started their own Bots. Already, 600 millions of users are using the WeChat’s bots for booking taxis, and cinema tickets and checking flights et cetera.

How can a brand use the Bots?

For example, if someone booked an item , they will get emails from the respective brand. At least, four emails would be sent to the users at various points of the entire transaction. As the users are very much addicted to the messaging apps, they are not much interested in the email services and they feel it difficult to switch from the merchant portal to the email.

This is the case when the brands need to use the bots. With the use of the brands, the users can automatically get all the information through their messaging app only. For example, the below video shows you the way how you can use the Messenger bots with the Dutch airline, KLM.


The ultimate goal of the marketers is to create engagement with the users and drive traffic to their website. For that, using the social media as a platform. But now, it is getting some changes with the way people using it. Social users are going private. So, you have to respect their privacy and try to promote as well.

As this is in its initial stages, it may seem difficult. But not impossible. All you need to do is a keen observation on how people using it and how top brands are leveraging the messaging apps and bots. Just follow them and think of your own ideas.

Nothing is Impossible!!!