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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. you must be aware of the fact that your customers and prospects look for active social media presence. But the main challenge is to find out the time to make it work well.

 Being an entrepreneur, you may wear different hats in the course of a single day and often, things may slip through – for instance, marketing. Don’t allow it happen to you. Digital marketing assists you in keeping a constant flow of customers to make your business grow and flourish.

 But do you know how to make the most of social media effectively? If No, here is a 9 step guide to help you use social media fruitfully.

 1. Initially, Start With Only One or Two Platforms


Using social media for business is completely different than that from using it to be in touch and interact with your family and friends. Let yourself some time for making adjustments. Think over whether you can initiate your social media marketing with Facebook, and/or Instagram or Twitter or LinkedIn, but don’t think of using all at the same time. The World Wide Web is cluttered with lots of dead and inactive social media accounts. So, they won’t do you any special good.

 2. Pick the Social Media in Which Your Customers Are There


If you’re selling fashion accessories or clothing, Instagram and Facebook can be a good place to start with. Twitter and LinkedIn won’t pay you back much in the starting.

 3. Slice and Dice


Precisely narrow down your focus. For instance, if you’re selling vegan baked food you’ll receive the utmost value from concentrating on vegans. It makes sense, right? If you have an account on Facebook, search for all the vegan-related groups and connect to them. You can help your posts to get easily found by using #vegan. You can also try Facebook ads for targeting people who have liked vegan-related pages.

 4. Outline a Plan


Understand that social media are the best channel for creating influencing brand awareness and acquiring more customers. Usually, you will direct them back to your online store or official website from time to time. Sticking out with the glittering fashion theme, you can show impressive snaps of dresses and say something like- “Surprise your girl with New Spring Collection. Click here to order.”

5. Be Constant


Share enough to become active and increase your exposure. As an example, on Facebook, sharing 4-8 times per week is enough. Whereas in twitter, it’s difficult to overdo it. 4 tweets per day won’t allow you to get much, 9-10 will achieve you a little traction.

 6. Know the Etiquette

There is an etiquette to every social media. Spreading and knowing others is actually a major part of it. Like, in the event that you share from another person’s site, you would like to appreciate them in your post. In the event that you share articles, it’s good to add up a reason why you’re influenced or motivated to share it.

As an example, let’s say you share a post from a blogger you know personally. She wrote a “Top 10” listing about latest fashion trends and since you’re an online store owner that suits with your theme. You can share her post and state something like, “Thanks to ‘X’ for this lovely, informative post. I specially love #5 and #8. What about you Guys?”

 7. It’s All About Your Customers

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Be useful, offer value, and recognize your social networking channels aren’t a place to create each post or share only about you. If you’re doing it, stop it because you won’t make many sales with it. It looks like a counterproductive, but social networking isn’t a promotional-only place.

 8. Never “Hand It Over” to the Nearest 20 Year Old

Millennials might be technology savvy — but that’s not the same as being advertising savvy. With a few instruction, they might be excellent at applying but chances are that you’ll need somebody having good advertising experience to assist you produce some effective tactics that will work out for your company — or simply do-it-yourself.

 9. Follow or Like Others

Follow brands or people after each couple of days. In the event that you don’t follow or “like” other people, they won’t ever know that you really exist somewhere in this social media world. Don’t overlook to communicate with them. Beginning a discussion may be the foundation of effective marketing for your business.

 Below is a Simple Daily Social Media Plan to Assist You with Your Social Media Marketing-

 For 2 weeks, cut out 15-20 minutes daily to check out what your competition is doing on social media. Look at where they are and what kind of posts are getting more noticed. What’s their quality? Are they funny? Are they sticking only within their own brand?

After 1 or 2, or even sooner if you’re comfortable- craft your own posts or updates. Make use of pictures whenever possible. For instance, if your brand is going to launch a new collection of products, you can click pictures through the manufacturing process, and then at the time of launch- it’ll give much feed for posts. Further, you can share pics over the upcoming some days or weeks. Flaunt your brand, your new sign, and people enjoying with your brand.

Have fun with it. The social network isn’t only a place to be muggy and if you break down into 10 or 15-minute sections through the day, you’ll rapidly get stick up of it. As soon as you’ll get some followers and start the interaction, you can measure the effectiveness of your employed social media strategy using social media management tool such as SocioBoard Core.