Technology is changing rapidly and so are the marketing strategies. You might have been running a successful online business. You may observe the changes in the way you are publicizing brands and marketing the products.

This is 2016 where the technology is at peaks. People are looking out for more new trends in the digital marketing world. Especially, social media has shown its significance in online marketing field. And very soon, social media will be the leading platform for marketing.

So, marketers and consumers are waiting for new trends in this year. And here, we are presenting the trends that are going to create sensations in the marketing world this year. Just go through the article and get your knowledge updated.

#1 Button “Buy”


The “Buy” button will be exceptionally prominent in online networking once executed in light of the fact that more individuals are purchasing things on the internet. Indeed, Facebook has as of now got the chance to chip away at this “buy” button.


Actually, some Facebook like pages has the “Buy” button as of now. So, clients can purchase or request items specifically from the like page. It’s not astonishing if there would likewise be a “sell” button for individuals in a group who need to purchase and sell things. In any case, that is still yet to be seen. Until further notice, what we have been the “buy” button.

#2 More Paid Ad services in 2k16

As social media networks turn out to be more customized, paid ad boosters and advertisings are going to assume a greater part in social networking marketing. Business organizations are going to need more likes for their Facebook pages and more followers for their Twitter business accounts.


But, Why businesses are doing all this? This is on the grounds that users are just going to follow the Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that are useful and entertaining for them. In a way, they will follow the brand pages that are prevalent and has enough stuff to benefit them.

Obviously, you measure the frame of a Facebook business page with what number of Facebook likes a page has and you measure the prominence of an account with what number of Twitter followers it has. With this present, how about we anticipate that organizations will pay more for Facebook or Twitter to publicize their accounts and business pages so they can get more likes and followers.

#3 Online video advertising

Since it is so natural to impart videos to sites like Youtube or even Facebook, we’re going to consider videos to be one of the fundamental promoting mediums this 2016.


Getting Youtube Views is currently going to be more important than ever before. Youtube will be one of the principle mediums that business organizations are going to fall back on keeping in mind the end goal to spread their video ads.

We will likewise anticipate that businesses will spend more for their Youtube videos to be advanced so that these videos will get more Youtube perspectives. The more Youtube subscribers and views a video has, the more well known it is among the users. This will likewise be applicable for Instagram as Instagram might likewise advance the video plugs.

#4 Instant Articles

On Facebook or Twitter, when we see an article, we need to tap on the link to be redirecting to the site where the article is. In 2016, there will be the trend of the Instant articles in social media. There is a no need to redirect to the website, leaving the social media. Right after tapping on highlighted article, we will get the article there at the social media.


This feature is much helpful for the bloggers. And for businesses as well. Users can easily read their favorite articles without leaving the page on the social media.

#5 Live video streaming

From the past few years, people are awaiting the Live video streaming. There is a lot of effort put to make this come true. Hopefully, we will be enjoying the live streaming in 2016. This is the feature that many business people and celebrities are waiting for.

In fact, Facebook has, as of now, included a component that permits clients to live video stream. Specialists and organizations can utilize this new element further bolstering their good fortune, as well.


These are the feature that is about to roll out in the new era. Once these features are out, the shape of the digital marketing will be changed undoubtedly. And still, there will be some more features about to be launched. We hope that you all can use these features and grow bigger in the digital world.