When the entire world is going social, it is a great opportunity for you to derive huge market for your business. Social media presence can make your brand reached to every corner of the world. The ad campaigns that you can make on the social media can boost up your market thereby bestowing vast ROI for your business.

But, this is not as simple as you think. Having social media for fun is very easy. However, leveraging it for your businesses is very difficult that everyone can’t do. This is obvious to hire a social media manager. You may think that any graduate with a smartphone in hand can do this job. But remember, this will cost your business and brand image. A person with some specific skill set only can do this job.

Here, we are presenting the essential skill set that a social media manager should have. Before that, let us see once what exactly a so-called social media manager is supposed to do.

Social Media Manager:

According to one of the leading job portals, monster.com, social media managers are the persons who are responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategies for a business on social media. The strategies include creating social media profiles, blogging, regular post management and responding to followers.


Apart from these responsibilities, they should have updated knowledge in the recent industry trends. Without this knowledge, they cannot make strategies that work. They are responsible for evaluating the performance of their social campaigns.

What are the skills required?

To be a successful Social Media Manager, one should possess some technical and creative skills. Lacking any one of these two can give results for good-to-nothing. There are several aspects in these two set of traits.

Technical skills:

Technical skills refer to the traits that a manager needs to make decisions in the social media. Those are like:

#1 Knowledge in SEO

Though the SEO and the social media are different, they are interrelated to each other. A social media manager would know this. As Forbes says, content is the cornerstone of the SEO strategy whereas the Social Media Manager is the gatekeeper of this content.


A social media manager should know how they can promote the blog content on the social media. He/she should understand how the increased search engine rankings and the social media exposure have a connection with each other. And they should know the impact of the website traffic on the bottom line as well.

#2 Expertise in variety of social media platforms

Having knowledge on popular social media platforms is not enough to be a successful social manager. There are a variety of social media networks that work in different styles. A good social media manager should have expertise in almost all the social networks. This helps the business to grow in multi-dimensions.

You should know the tactics like what kind of posts do well on a particular network, what kind of strategies should be used to attract the targeted users etc.

#3 User interaction skills

If your posts are going viral, your follower count will be increased. As well as, you need to answer the queries asked by your followers. This is called user interaction. This is crucial in building trust and credibility.

When you are available to the customers in their needs, they will always be with you. So, giving quick responses to the users is very much important. A Social media manager should manage all his activities. He should have the skill to be in the reach of users and performing other activities as well.


#4 Mastery in using the management tools

For every field of work, there are some special tools to make the work easier. This is the case even in the social media management. There are so many special tools available in the market to leverage more from the social media. The social media manager should be aware of all these tools like the SocioBoard tools.

Any tool would be useful if it is used correctly. You have to know which tool to use at the time of need. These tools are not for free and you need to pay. So, you have to be careful in the selection of the tools.

These are the basic skill set that a qualified social media manager should possess. Now, let us have a look at the creative and mental skills that can contribute the success of the business.

Creative skills

These skills are related to the way they present their content on the social media. Content and the visuals are the two factors for presenting a view.

#1 Great content writing skills

The way you air your brand is important in the business promotion. You should be skillful in making engaging content. You should be adaptable in writing the content. For example, you have no limits on the content size in Facebook whereas twitter content is limited to 140 characters only. In these 140 letters only, you have to tell what the user can be convinced with.


#2 Visual creativity

Social media’s best feature is visual content sharing. People are more interested in sharing and watching the multimedia that is available in the social media. So, you should also plan your advertising using videos, images and carousel of images.

You should show your creativity in storytelling. And, you should be capable of analyzing the performance of the visual content. Choose a style that best executes the strategies.


Apart from these, the young social media managers should have passion towards their work. Success in the Social media is a long lasting journey where you have to keep learning every day. You have to update your knowledge and try new things. You should have the appetite to learn new things and set new trends.

One more important thing is to have a thick skin. There are up and downs in every business and profession. You should be ready to face any critics and turn them into the stepping stones for your success.