With advancement in technology and worldwide access of internet, almost all businesses including large as well as small are turning to be digital. Now a day, business is considered ineffective without a proper website on the internet. Availability of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and many more play a key role in sprinkling your product and business on the digital community. You can wisely use twitter for small business and grow your audience.

Twitter is considering most suitable and reliable social media network tool to use as business marketing. If you are the owner of a small-scale business, then you must need to get benefit from twitter social media marketing strategy. Using Twitter can help small businesses to flourish more and spread their wings.

Here are some effective tips and strategies to use Twitter for small scale business effectively and efficiently.

Create an Effective Market Action Plan:

business plan tree

First of all you need to create an effective and unique market action plan. Your market action plan should include the list of all things that you want to tweet such as important business announcements, company news, special offers, blog posts, industry news and many more.

Twitter act as a foundation that helps you to promote your business as you want. Ever make sure to choose a username that best suits with your brand. Nothing could express your brand on Twitter than your unique username. Remember that, user name appears with each tweet and that is the way people on Twitter identify your products and business.

Like Facebook, Twitter also allows you to use two different images on your profile. You should take advantage of both to tell your business story to your followers. You can use a large full-size image related to your business on profile similar to Facebook cover photo.

Start Following People:


After building a strong foundation of your business on Twitter, now you need to start following other Twitter users and small business profiles that you admire. You need to subscribe to interpret whatever they share.

Keep in mind that your Twitter practice is identified by whom you follow and not by who follow you. So ever try to make a better choice.

Make sure to follow people belongs to these categories:

  • Your business partners, contractors, suppliers, and vendors

  • Key customers

  • Competitors

  • Neighboring businesses

  • Business organizations related to your industry

  • Business or organizations run by people you know

Start Talking, Share Images and Videos:

imgfeat-prod-mediaStart talking with other Twitter users and share text, images and videos related to your products and business. You can send an instant text message directly to people whom you follow. You can also mention people in the tweets that you share. It is a fun way to share special offers, business announcements, blog posts, news and many more with people you follow. This is the best way to use twitter for small business.

Drive Traffic to your Official Website:


Via Twitter, you can also drive lots of traffic to your official website or blog. It is the best way to promote your small scale business and products and reach out to target audience easily and effectively. This is an another excellent way of using twitter for small business.

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