According to one of the recent research, more than 70% of CMOs agreed that most of the time they make marketing decisions according to the user analytics, and consider that data as the ‘voice of the client’.

Twitter, being an open platform is certainly a helpful source for getting customer data. But have you ever thought that with 500 million Tweets tweeted daily, how can you get useful data to know and see what matters? What’s beneficial for your campaign? What’s working best for you? Twitter monitoring tools lets you manage Twitter properly in real-time and more importantly to assess the representation of your brand and the overall success of your marketing campaigns. It offers the important competitive information required to make wise decisions over all the areas of your campaign strategies.

Evaluate Brand Cognition


Maintaining track of and handling your brand perception is greatly vital in the digital world where customers, as well as competitors, are very actively online. The friendly nature of Twitter inspires users to share their voice, thoughts and their opinions related to the breaking news, latest trends, and particularly their favorite brands.

For making sure that your marketing strategies work, and your brand is well-known, you can try setting up complex search queries for monitoring your important campaign interactions, brand mentions and track mentions for primal competitor brands and campaigns.

In TwtBoardPro, setting up the monitoring query is very simple. As you create your search queries, no matter you want to track and monitor your brand, a campaign hashtag, an industry keyword or a competitor’s brand, TwtBoardPro’s Twitter Monitoring tool offers a real-time dashboard with useful data encompassing the thought and relevant Tweet content displaying in the query. These useful data offer insight into the way your industry, campaign, or competitor are being treated on Twitter and also it can be added up in the reports to know more about the brand perception.

Monitoring Twitter For Comprehensive Data


Monitoring your multiple Twitter accounts lets you have an in-depth report of the performed activities on Twitter for a particular keyword or campaign, helping you to measure and access your performance as well as your competitor’s performance.

Using this Twitter management tool helps you to precisely map out the total number of users Tweeting, the total number of Tweets related to your brands, users re-tweeting your tweet and so on. The TwtBoardPro’s dashboard offers the demographics data of the users including languages, gender, etc. This data are very helpful for using in future campaigns.

How else can you make use of this detailed info?

  • Check a competitor’s marketing campaign hashtag and make an in-depth comparison with your own stats.

  • Start campaigns targeting customers engaged with your competitor’s campaigns

  • Maximize broader advertising efficiency by adding information from Tweets using cross-channel advertising campaigns.

Making use of the data offered by TwtBoardPro, you get the flexibility to implement detailed partition to target specific audiences precisely and improve the overall performance of your future marketing campaigns. This lets to add customization into a Customized Audiences list and initiate better-performing campaigns created purely around the particularly preferred segmentation.


Monitoring your multiple Twitter accounts using TwtBoardPro will offer you with the user insights needed for delivering better campaigns with positive returns.


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