Are you a startup or a newbie to the business world, and confused whether to invest in Twitter marketing or not! Well, I would like to tell you over 500 million Tweets are sent everyday by 100+ million daily active users. So, it’s likely that your next or prospect customer is on Twitter! Today, irrespective of the size most businesses are on Twitter, and that’s the primary reason the companies and businesses have a big challenge to make their tweet stand out from the other’s or their competitor’s tweet and build their business by getting a good share of the developing marketing using Twitter.

You can use TwtBoardPro, a SocioBoard’s product, which is a Twitter Marketing Tool offering a wide variety of features, including the flexibility to manage numerous Twitter accounts, schedule tweets for publishing in the future, and much more.


Here are some of the tips which can be used to improve business’s effectiveness on Twitter by creating tweets which are more probably to be heard by the crowd, get re-tweeted or favorite, and eventually help in driving more sales.

Tip #1: Discover your business voice.


Your Tweets should represent expert words. Be engaging, informative, and positive. Give view or insight, also when re-tweeting to make the post look attractive, eye-catchy from the others.

Tip #2: Add multimedia to support conversation.


Tweets should include graphics, hyperlinks or hash tags to grasp the reader’s focus and make them engaged with your business.

Tip #3: Pin a Tweet to emphasize what’s significant.

Video and Film

Businesses or companies can add some good Tweet at the top of their profile to flaunt any special offers offering by them so that it gets easily noticed by their followers.

Tip #4: Give special and custom offers.

new special

Exclusive, special offers when added to Tweets can encourage follower to give a try to your company’s offered products or services. It also helps in building customer loyalty, and moreover it makes your Twitter community feel special.

Tip #5: Improve Tweet visibility.


Ask your Twitter followers for retweeting your tweet. Tweet for 4 to 5 times a day for increasing retweets. Make use of hashtags and trendy words or catchy phrases. If you are not having sufficient time to tweet in time, use TwtBoardPro to schedule your tweets, and stay connected to your followers uninterruptedly. Scheduling Twitter updates is the perfect and easiest way for keeping your Twitter stream active every time, connecting with more new people, and update activities to save time, marketing efforts, and marketing costs and thus be more productive.

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