Want to boost up your business online in 2016?

In the social media, the things and trends are changing at fast pace. The strategies worked for a few years ago may not work in 2016. You have to follow new trends and different strategies that can create more impact.

Here, we are presenting some strategies that will work for this new era. Just go through the article to know important and interesting tricks.

#1 Maintain relationship with bloggers and social media influencers

You might hear of the business which is interacting  with the consumers actively. They were making the right practice. But now, the trend has changed. People do not believe in the direct interaction of the companies with their business deals. Rather, they prefer the suggestions of their friends and family members and moreover, the social media influencers and famous bloggers.


Because people think that these people would have more knowledge on the current trends and could suggest the best. So, it is the need of the time for businesses to maintain good relation with the influencers and the bloggers.

#2 Use Live Streaming

For B2B marketer or B2C marketers, whoever it is, Live streaming is going to be the better chance to get more credibility. You have to show the faces behind the brand. Show your audience the experience of the previous users or the culture and environment of your business organization.


For non-profitable organizations, you can use the live streamings to show the efforts of your team to the potential investors. There are so many apps like SocioBoard to share with your prospects with just a button click.

#3 Advertising on social media

In terms of advertising, social media can do a lot for your business. Besides the online conversations, social networking sites are the best places to make advertisements.

There are so many paid services offered by the social media giants like Facebook, Instagram etc.


Nowadays, millions of prospects are on online only. So, these ads can reach millions of users with very less investment when compared to the TV ads or newspaper ads.


#4 Offer takeaways and coupons

From the past few years, e-Commerce is really in a fast pace. Many portals are coming forward with incredible discounts and takeaways. People are get addicted to these tricks. So, this is your turn to offer special discounts and coupons to the users.

#5 Advocate your employees

In this new digital era, you have to do something really different. In the process, just try to advocate your employees. Yes, before starting to attract the end-users, just get loyalty from your employees.


Getting good response for your brand from your employees is essential. Just think, when your staff are not interested in your brand, who else will be interested in it? So start the employee advocacy campaigns. These are very cheaper than any other campaigns.

#6 Optimize your social accounts

Nowadays, social media optimization is becoming the trend and going to surpass the search engine optimization. When people want for a brand information, they directly go to the social media like Facebook and Twitter. They search for the brands there only. So, it is your role to make your social account come front in the search list. This is the need for the social media optimization. So, follow the excellent content strategies to achieve this.


#7 Survey your audience

This is the important task of you to survey your audience. Because, you have to know the interests of your users and make publicity accordingly. The trends are changing and so are the interests of the people. So, you have to analyze the behavior of the users.

In the below figure, you can get to know the people of different age groups in social media. Depending on the age, you can make promotions of your brand.


#8 Make personal interaction

This is the key factor to build credibility. You should make the users feel like you are there for them at any time. You have to make personal interaction with them when they need. If you follow this, they would definitely turn to you when they need the services that you offer.


These are the strategies that are going to work out in 2016. Apart from these, citing the importance of the social media, you have to use the social media automation dashboards like SocioBoard. These tools can make your journey towards success in the digital marketing go smooth.