Twitter has become one of the top popular outlets for attendees and counselor alike at trade shows and other industry events. At many events, companies and individual use Twitter to share event news, distribute presentation slides, and get the message out about giveaways at the show.

Bigger trade shows attract a good number of audiences and exhibit why social media wisely during a trade event can help generate online brand awareness and create buzz around your brands products. Twitter allows its users to participate in the larger social conversation with others in your business, including partners, editors and customers.

So, if you don’t have a strong presence on Twitter, then here are some tips you can ensure to create tweets get more twitter following for your next upcoming event.


Here are a few tips from this recent success:

Intend to actively interact with others in your business including potential business partners and clients, and possible business associates with others.

  • To begin, create a routine of the tweets you’ll post during and following the display centered on presentations and your presents. a link to be included by intending in each article to take visitors to further information, content or educational material.
  • Post event-related tweets that include information related to event sessions and special occasions using the event #hashtags so others can discover your business and follow you.
  • Motivate participants to visit your site and include certain factual statements about which you are currently marketing or providing at your cubicle. Use pictures and can include a connect along with your cubicle number to associated information such as slideshows and white papers.
  • As your Twitter fans and followers increase in figures, therefore, will your brand’s publicity, as tweets populate on you followers’ timelines. Look for companies and journalists inside your business using the #hashtag. Interact together by mentioning, following and retweeting them when you are able.
  • Return-follow people who follow you, and follow other individuals who will probably follow you again. When they aren’t prone to follow you (example: they have an incredible number of followers and just follow 27 others) next checklist these alternatively, as Twtboardpro has been doing below using participants and publishers.
  • It’s cool to have fun! This retweet by @———- populated on the timelines of all @—— followers.

A specific Tweets tricks during a meeting can really help you develop momentum regarding social media networking. When the display has ended, ensure that you maintain tweeting out to your viewers to carry on the constant drumbeat. It’s an excellent, efficient method to interact together with your business on an ongoing schedule and get more twitter following with your brand’s tweets.