With every year passing by we observe a noticeable shift in the field of social media marketing trends. Be it the rise of social media marketing campaigns or the rising importance of mobile marketing.

In recent times, there are fewer things other than smartphones that have a deep impact upon customers. Business has been slowly and steadily adapting to this trend since 2015 with the introduction of mobile ads. Nowadays, marketers have become highly vigilant regarding this mobile marketing and have become more focused with their budgeting for mobile advertisements.

Mobile Marketing

Many even expected that things are going to be different with marketers centralizing their focus upon this form of marketing. But has it really changed the scenario? Was it successful to revolutionize the social media marketing era? For that let’s get on with this year’s top mobile marketing trends.

  • Introduction Of Video-Ads On Mobile:

Video advertisements on social media have gone more viral and ascended the throne of the mobile marketing world. The short video ads (those of just 15-20 secs) especially have taken the verse of marketing to a completely new age. They are often referred to as the sugar-coated cookie of the marketing industry. Since they are long enough to tell you a story, yet short enough for you to avoid any distraction. The major benefit is still to come as Google is finally planning to take in search for video results’ under concern.

Video-Ads For Mobile Marketing

This is a sign that video ads are getting accepted more easily by the audiences. With users more comfortable with video ads, more videos are tending to pop out of the box. And with channels like YouTube and social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the amount of video publishing and video viewing has almost reached a huge number. This is bringing forth a huge world of limitless possibilities with visuals amplifying your business.

  • Integration Of Social E-commerce:

What if users could directly shop from social media websites? It would be great, isn’t it ? Well, it is actually great, with the integration of social e-commerce into your social media marketing. Thus now users are able to shop from their phones and tablets just by visiting a brand’s social media page. The purchasing of any product you saw on the social media and the ones unexplored yet are now in front of your eyes with this integration. Most brands have started offering ‘Buy’ buttons for several social media platforms, enabling its customers to access their offerings at any point in time. Thus marketers are leveraging this and those who are yet to come up something like that are aggressively trying to cope up.

Social Commerce

  • Up-rise Of Mobile Friendly Websites:

Mobile commerce is bound to flourish as most people nowadays have been using smartphones like anything. But how did it become this popular? All because of the development of mobile friendly websites. These websites in earlier times were best suited for desktops and laptops, but with proper optimization, they have become mobile-friendly. Now loading any e-commerce website doesn’t take much time and user can access all the features the site has to offer. This has somehow streamlined the shopping experience of the users to a great extent. Customers now are getting the opportunity to shop on the go with their smartphones just by a few taps. Also with the rise in dedicated mobile shopping applications, there has been a constant smile on the face of the customer. Thus with the more responsive mobile website coming in future, the users acquainted with mobile shopping are bound to benefit.

Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Smart Gear & Other Wearable Technology:

With the advancement of smartphones, along the way came the advent of smart gears and wearables. In recent times many using sophisticated smartphones also carry a smartwatch or any other wearable along. What connection does that have with M-commerce? Well, these smartphones are always maintaining a connection with these smart gears and thus come in handy with quick notifications and alerts. Thus it is possible to bring home the best shoe of your most desirable brand just by simply checking the push notifications. So wearables are going to come in more handy if you are busy individual but yet need to get the best for yourself.

Smart Wearable

  • Rising Social Media Importance:

Social media has been lately being used by brands to channelize their product advertisements and promote their brands to the huge population using it. With the likes of Snapchat, Facebook ads, and Twitter Ad campaigns many brands have created a worldwide buzz about their brands. With the emergence of Snapchat as one of the fastest growing social media of 2015, mobile marketing definitely got the edge over others. Later this year with the introduction of Instagram stories, Instagram created a presence in the market of m-commerce. Thus with video uploading features coming to most of the social media apps, it has been a joyful time for mobile marketers. Latest news sources also claim Apple has been working on the development of social video based application for their iPhones. This can be the game changer for this world of mobile marketing.

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