Most social media marketers spent part—maybe all of their day on social networking sites, jumping from one network to another, monitoring analytics, doing the sundry tasks and planning ahead, checking emails and all other duties that a social media manager do.

Wouldn’t it help to realize that you’re not the only person keeping up with such a busy schedule? That the time on social networking is shared by others as well?

Even I was curious for myself whether my workload as a social media manager and work-flow were much like somebody else’s. Do we create comparable content? Do we execute the same duties? And, most significantly, do we take the same amount of time to finish the same tasks?

Here is what I came across.

In the Social media Manager’s Daily Routine

A social media management tool known as Socioboard gathered the tasks and times of a common social media manager routine and placed them into this fascinating infographic. Apparently, social media managers may put in a full day’s job.

Gaurav Dalvi


  • Checking emails and other messages on different social media
  • Replying to emails, tweets, messages, and retweet
  • Post to different social media
  • Create content
  • Publish a blog post
  • A follow-up with an internal group on suggestions.


  • Write a good quality content or a Blog post
  • Notify team the importance of social media and various management tools
  • Review and follow-up on social media websites & profiles


  • Review analytic for the day
  • Subscribe for chats, webinars, and other social media events
  • Schedule social media messages for overnight and morning hours slots
  • check email again

Does this To-Do checklist mimic yours?

Obviously, there are lots of different ways to go at that matter of social media marketing and management. One of Socioboard’s social media marketer shared his daily social networking habit on Linkedin — a routine that takes only one hour every day to complete.

Here’s how it goes:

Vet your new followers on Facebook or Twitter using, Socioboard, SocialOomph or Hootsuite; whatever look suitable to you. Follow people who match; ignore the rest.

  • Measure what has worked. Note down your best-performing blog post in an excel spreadsheet or on other files so that can reference it later while you develop your content.
  • Schedule your posts and tweets for the day in advance. He uses both Socioboard & Buffer to maintain her queue lined-up.
  • Discover unique content for every channel—Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.
  • Engage and Response. Invest your first 15 minutes from an hour here. Consider sinking in for fifteen minutes at lunchtime and at the end of your day, as well.
  • Monitor the engagement level of your follower and fans.

Another approach to take about it is the sleek social media strategy of Neil Patel. Their fast and easy schedule for saving both time and effort on social networking looks like this:

  • Make use of social media management tools for scheduling and publishing.
  • Invest half an hour every day on social networking scoping, i.e. finding great stuff to mostly share online
  • Allocate customer support requests to some customer support team
  • Examine stats daily or weekly. Utilize your social media management tool for the analysis of your social media strategy.

What we found out from these various schedules

These types of social media manager’s schedules differ hugely. Some take a morning to evening, some take all day. Others take just an hour.

How can we reunite this?

I believe we’re seeing two different kinds of schedules below.

In my opinion, there are social media managers who take full-time to manage their social media campaigns while some take part-time to manage.

I’d envision we’d still find a little bit of overlap between these two: full time social media marketers who blog posts, for example, or part-time social media marketer who do spend most of his time on social media.

Generally, though, you probably know where you fall into this wide category. Is social media management a full-time, 40 hours-per-week job for you? Or would you execute social media management while also wearing other hats at the same time?

The 12 duties of a social media manager:

Schedule of a social media manager

1. Curating:

Relying upon the kind of content you mostly share on social media, curating can play an enormous role in the manner you produce your updates. Finding and vetting content from others entails having a heavy well of resources to read—along with time to read everything.

2. Crafting:

The moment you’ve found what you would like to share, it’s time for you to work out how to properly convey it. Crafting a good social media post is probably a task which moves faster over time while you gain expertise publishing headlines, using the most poignant phrases, and organizing stuff in a perfect manner.

3. Publishing:

Here’s where using a social media management tool can make a great difference. Rather than logging into different social media sites one after another, you just have to ‘sign in’ to your social media management tool once & start posting faster than ever.

4. Scheduling:

Well, the next phase beyond publishing is scheduling: composing your updates in advance and queueing them to publish during the day, overnight, over the weekend, or anytime when you might not be actively updating your social media accounts.

5. Calculating:

Once your social media updates go-live, dig into the analytics encompassing each post. What was User-engagement like? How many Clicks did your post receive? Which figures matter most to you?

6. Responding:

The odds are that users will likely to be answering to your social media posts or reaching out to you straight. At least some part of a social media marketer’s day must be spent replying, however, you feel is suitable—with an outreach e-mail, a thumbs up, a reply, or something else.

7. Analyzing:

Using the measurement figures at hand, you can make and analyze your social media marketing strategy moving ahead. For example, in examining the metrics, one can notice that it’d be beneficial to change the times when you publish or even to focus on a particular kind of update. Continuous analysis and measurement can expose these possibilities.

8. Hearing:

Along with responding to immediate contact, you may also keep your eyes & ears to the ground through a social media listening tool or an advanced search tool that helps trigger up those conversations about you as well as your brand. It’s incredible how many possibilities are available that might be skipped without correct listening tools in place. For example, following twitter mentions for “@socioboard” mightn’t turn up all outcomes when people talk about “socioboard.”

9. Helping:

Sporadically, people may come to your with their problems—page breaks, bugs, troubleshooting, large concerns. These may fall under the world of the social media manager to deal with as best as he can be. (here is where Neil Patel’s tips come in action to direct this task to some customer support group.)

10. Engaging:

Along with responding and replying, there’s also some outbound joy in engaging together with your community along with other accounts. This could occur via comments or chats, delight campaigns to interact with others, and by friending, following, liking and retweeting posts from others.

11. Planning:

What’s the map for potential social media marketing? Once in awhile, the manager has to zoom out from the focused area and take a look at the big-picture view of stuff.

12. Testing:

We’re a little keen on that one at Socioboard. We love testing, which ties into a variety of tasks presently on the list of schedules of a social media manager: curating fresh ideas to try out, analyzing the figures, calculating results, crafting, scheduling and publishing.

So, What you think of this post? Did it resemble any of the social media management activities you do in your daily routine? Do you use any other strategies or tools to lighten up your social media management tasks? If yes, please share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas with us in the comment section below; we would love to hear back from you.

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