A founder’s journey usually includes daydreams of their company becoming a global giant. When setting up your startup you may be quite nervous, but once you set your feet into the new life, you’ll eventually start enjoying it. With hardline growth on the boundary, the time will come to make the move from the start-up phase to an established brand. But, you need to ensure that your marketing keeps up properly.


All the big & successful companies make use of the following 4 steps to escalate their marketing efforts. These 4 tested and proved steps, if done properly, can help you scale up your marketing efforts in no time.

They Have a Clear Strategy

Before starting up your business, it’s very crucial to have a clear mindset of what actually you want to do! Having a clear strategy, targets and goals will help you to see the actual return on your marketing efforts. A recent research has revealed that go-to marketing strategy of approx. 69% of marketers is to understand the needs of the buyers.


Keeping in mind about the buyer’s need and experience and a good strategy will lead you to the way of healthy ROI as you move up.

They Plan an Integral Process

Developing the overall production process is the next big step after identifying the marketing goals and strategy. There must be a go-to system that’ll help your employees to work together according to a well-considered and pre-determined plan.


Marketing is the crux of every type of business. You should ensure that the ongoing marketing is hitches-free to make certain about the effectual brand management at ROI when you squash up your marketing. Identify your 5 W’s and 1 H— “Who, Why, What, When, Where and How” and direct your team, especially where content creation is dealt with.

They Have Right Personnel

It’s believed that for getting success in business, the key is the ability to find out & choose right people, and further, lead them to do well at a shared goal. The same applied to the marketing goals. Personnel are the building blocks of a successful business. You alone can’t walk on the way to create an unswerving, steady flow of top-notch quality content or acting out different marketing channels.

People like buying people they know and trust. The hiring should not be done only with the sole purpose of scale, but also, it’s crucial to hire the right people at the right time.


When you start stretching your team beyond their actual capacity, it’s the right time to make an investment in hiring the right talent.

You must ensure that you’re not compromising on the quality as you grow to keep up with your marketing goals. That’s why hiring and team culture should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, which can ultimately become intact to your marketing processes.

They Systematize the Right Areas

A research was conducted which revealed that businesses using marketing automation for nurturing prospects experience 451% hike in the qualified leads.

There are several tasks included in the marketing process that doesn’t demand much expertise to execute. You have to keep up the personal and personality touch in your marketing. Once you scale up your start up to an established one, you have to keep up a one-to-one communication channel among people who are interested in your brand.


Automating the key, low-skill and repetitive tasks can help you in scaling your marketing efforts.


Key Takeaway: Set off with the How and Why, and the Rest Will Follow

Usually, the biggest challenges that businesses face for scaling their marketing outcomes is to attain the significant growth without making any compromise in the effectiveness of marketing, or the reputation of the brand.

Clambering your marketing need a clear strategy and a clear track to execution without the requirement to micro-manage each step. Focusing on the How and why part repetitively to market your business at apparently unfathomable scales can help your business get to flourish.