11-1Socioboard is one of the World’s first and only open-source social media management tool and the very first open-source product based company from India. We develop social technology which helps brands and businesses to get the best out of social media and unleash it real power.

Our vision is to supply user-friendly tools for brands and businesses that covers each and every use cases when it comes to Social Networking.

We are developing revolutionary product for numerous social media channels to clarify the common myth – Social networking were intended for users not for brand advertising. Our open source products and tools view social media from business point of view and to remove these misconceptions about social networks.

It contains myriad of features like managing different social media accounts, social CRM, analytics as well as reporting. It offers an extensive dashboard with smart analytics and foretelling analysis features which gathers data from multiple information sources and categorizes them based on more than 1000 categories offering consumer-oriented marketing data to companies and brands.

Socioboard provides you with an open source Community edition and SaaS and paid enterprise version with unparalleled world class tech support team available 24×7. It makes it simple for you to monitor social discussions and offers all you need to take your brand reputation to new heights by effectively engaging your target audience on a single platform. It’s a passionate team working relentlessly to gather customer feedback, enhance features, test functionalities, improve choices and supply continuous support.

Incredible features of Socioboard:

o   It Supports 9 social media networks
o   Manage and monitor multiple social media accounts
o   Create useful reports and take business decisions based on them
o   Fully open source and easily Customization
o   Available as a web app and mobile app on iOS and Android
o   Commercial SAAS version for small businesses
o   Extensible in the form of plugins

It allows you manage nine social networking channels. With Socioboard core you can manage and monitor multiple social media accounts and produce useful reports for taking precise and fruitful business. Socioboard is available both as a mobile App on Android/iOS and web app. It’s fully customized and open-source and extensible in the form of extensions or plugins.

It is a SAAS based product from Socioboard which help businesses and brands to hire its employees and clients as its advertising crew. The very best type of advertising is the word of mouth advertising and brands which could get clients to as their brand-ambassadors are the best on the market.

BrandBuzzPro allows you to engage your local customers and employees in a unique manner to make them your social brand-ambassadors.

BrandHit is a SAAS based advertising product to reach influencers inside your market and make them to twitter, share or like on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn about your company’s brand in your item.

Influencers come to the platforms, register and post a cost per post or tweet on various social networking websites. They also select niches and categories in which they’d prefer to recommend posts/tweets about your brands. Other brands can sign-up and find influencers within their class and pay them to make a share in their Facebook profile or post a tweet in their twitter account.

For startups in e-commerce, fashion, social ecommerce, and mobile application businesses seeking to launch new applications, they can now approach their business influencers and pitch them for a twitter or customized Facebook post.

This is a self-service system which allows you to produce Social boards and stream them everywhere like Web, mobile, Desktop or any other display. Using BoardMe, you can link Social Hastags or feeds into one location from all of your social media sites.

Socioboard Desktop Apps for Social Networking Entrepreneurs

Socioboard Desktop apps are the swiss-knife of Social Media Advertising Industry. The desktop apps by Socioboard aren’t totally limited by the numerous APIs of the social media sites like Socioboard web and mobile applications. Instead they provide you with a whole competing user-experience with the real network but like a Desktop application.


InBoardPro is a powerful LinkedIn marketing app. It is available as desktop application which allows you to automate all that you can do on LinkedIn. It will help user to manage many LinkedIn accounts, link with new people, post automatic updates, manage all your LinkedIn group and do multiple LinkedIn activities from a single platform.

FaceBoardPro is an automated Facebook marketing software. It helps you to automate your regular Facebook tasks with few clicks. It helps to you manage multiple Facebook accounts, manage your friends, groups, pages, apps etc. Basically it can automate all your day to day Facebook management tasks and save a lot of your time.

It’s an elite version of Facebook where user can login with his multiple accounts. The app fetches News feed, Home feeds, Liked pages and its feeds, user joined groups and its feeds. User can also schedule the posts that needs to be uploaded in the future with preset date and time feature. You can switch between the accounts very efficiently and within fraction of seconds.


GramBoardPro is an automated desktop app for Instagram management. It can manage multiple Instagram accounts as well as their regular activities such as comments, likes etc. Very handy software for Global Instagram marketers, SMEs and large scale enterprises.

GramBoardPro enables you to target with precision, link directly with your market, distribute your concept during the day, manage campaigns and do a lot more to ensure you accomplish your advertising goals.
Experience the power packed features that come with GramBoardPro designed to meet your diverse needs for a digital-marketing campaign.


TwtBoardPro is a twitter marketing platform. It helps you manage multiple twitter accounts and automate your tweets, re-tweets, favorites etc. You can do a whole lot of stuff on twitter and get ultra-productive on twitter by using this software.

TwtBoardPro is solely shaped with an intent to manage more than one twitter accounts. TwtBoardPro interfaces with the twitter API like any other twitter apps and allow its users to do normal twitter activities like tweeting and retweeting, viewing profile etc. it may be utilized in other ways, like a web application, a browser application. It is initially originally used by twitter users to unify their friend’s tweets. With help of this remarkable app, a twitter fan can manage as many tweets he/she got from his/her friends.

Socioboard’s Official Application

The official application is an expansion of Socioboard core application on Android or iOS platform. It will help you manage all of your social networking accounts you’ve added to Socioboard Web core via mobile applications.

T-BoardPro is an app for managing multiple Twitter account, it will help one to login to multiple twitter accounts from their own Android or iOS device and do numerous activities like tweeting, retweeting, follow, unfollow, favorites, advance scheduling of tweets etc. It is an extremely effective twitter marketing-automation app.


F-BoardPro is an app for managing multiple Facebook account, it will help one to sign up to multiple accounts on Facebook from their own Android or iOS device and do multiple activities like comment, like, share, manage page, events, groups, post and much more.

L-BoardPro is an app for managing multiple LinkedIn account. It will help one to signup into multiple LinkedIn accounts from their Android or iOS device and do LinkedIn activities like comment, share, see user following company details and person can easily see recent jobs in following company.

I-BoardPro is an app for managing multiple Instagram account, it will help one to login to multiple Instagram accounts from their own Android or iOS device and do numerous Instagram activities like follow, unfollow, like, comment, advance scheduling of post etc. It is a extremely potent Instagram marketing-automation app.

Socioboard share a common prophecy that resonates with all of the open-source tech companies. We like to develop application for Social networking industry that is vendor neutral, open source and helps customers to stay in total control of their social data.

The vision of Socioboard is to make products for an open and connected social world which allow customers to liberty them and go open source.

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