Do you want to revitalize your social media marketing page? Is your business taking social media seriously? If the answer is YES, you might have observed that social media are gradually getting harder to succeed because of million hordes of contests. This is a natural progression of the social media channel, and the changes made by the social media platforms are larger than expected. For an instance, consider Facebook. Facebook has few choices, but to reduce News Feed reach algorithmically for convincing types of posts as there is limited space, and the length of the content being produced by users and business pages is constantly growing.

With this in mind, the privation to get ahead of your social media competitors and leverage every impression your marketing content and contest receives is the key. Have you ever thought about looking at competitors accounts for inspiration? To do this, we recommend analyzing your social media activities and your competitor’s efforts as well as comparing key performance metrics to your own. By monitoring and analyzing their performance in detail, you can optimize your social media marketing plans for success.

Having an eagle eye on what other companies are doing on social media can assist you brainstorm your own contest tactics.

In this post, you’ll find how to analyze your social activities of competitors to optimize new marketing ideas for business. But, have you ever wondered why you need to look at the competition? If you haven’t, you should. Why? Because understanding, why you need to do these things, will help you generate more social media traffic.

However, researching your brand competitors on social media not only offers an overview of your business, but it also provides your insight as per the current habits of the audiences those are under your niche related target. By answering very few key questions to your audience, you’ll get what sorts of posts are effective for the audience you want to reach.

Secret #1: Optimize your efforts by Analyze competitors Facebook page

  • How often they make a post?
  • What are the areas they consider to post?
  • How many social media followers do they have?
  • What’s their brand promotion voice?
  • How many comments, likes and shares do they get?
  • Do they run any contests, ballots or fun quizzes with their brand?
  • Are their posts mainly internal (organization-centered) blog posts, news, and articles; mainly external news, blogs, and articles; or a mixture of both?

These are a few questions you need to consider if you want to add insight into a business’s Facebook page.

When we talk about Facebook Analyze, the very first metric to monitor is the best vanity metric, but monitoring the volume of your Facebook page with time versus rivals enables you to observe progress rates. This can be influenced by marketing and traditional strategies like offline campaigns, but may be worth checking like a judge of the entire performance. You are able to analyze your site growth effortlessly in Facebook insights, but to measure others relatively you’ll need to make use of a Facebook analytics tool.

There are a many free and paid tools available on top of Facebook Insights for the business page to help you excerpt all of the important data you need to optimize your page. I personally use tools like FaceBoardPro to get this data out in the easiest way.


As an instant: The Facebook Business Page for Powell’s Publications, a well-known independent bookstore, may be worth looking at as motivation if you’re an area company wishing to create a nationwide impact.

Among the first issues, you’ll notice is the fact that Powell’s requires the full time to produce their very own artwork, which frequently contain estimates from writers. It’s an excellent perspective on the shareable meme get to a bookstore.

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They post pictures of clients at personal shops and occasions, to help you presume their employees participates in interpersonal spreading (a good idea for nearby companies). Additionally, they reveal fun articles and discuss nationwide subjects to keep consistently the supply of highly relevant to low-nearby followers.

Curiously, among the greatest hype machines for Powell’s Facebook page site is once they reveal articles in publications and posting of the additional press, like the Yankees. Keep in mind that occasionally social media marketing achievements may come from additional resources.

Key Takeout: A brick-and-mortar brand can serve both local and national audiences with the right mix of photos and interactive content.

Case Study: Examples of the kinds of data you can see, and how to present it to gain the best insight are below:



As you can see from these graphs, comparing the volume of posts on a topic and the average engagement of these posts gives you an indication of strong and poor performance. By doing this for your page and your competitors pages, you can get strong indications of where to amend your content in the future.

Secret #2: Look at Twitter Accounts and benchmarks the competition

The second largest social media platform with more than 330 million daily active users- Twitter have great channels to influence your brand globally. On Twitter, to keep a track of your business competitors overall following you need a report of their daily activities, and their engagement rate. In reality Twitter’s analytics platform therefore still fairly new, and doesn’t provide much to compare to contestants as of yet, but there are many free and paid Twitter monitoring and managing tools to help you out. I personally like to use tools of TweetBordPro to get this data out for my Twitter account.


If you’re analyzing a company’s Twitter page site, here are a few concerns to response to acquiring understanding of their actions:

  • How many fans and followers do they have?
  • How many Twitter accounts are they following?
  • A good rule of thumb: Having a Twitter account over 50,000 followers, that’s following over 500 users probably has more influence than a Twitter account over 50,000 followers, that’s following Over 49,000 users, except they bought followers.
  • What do they tweet about? Are they mostly mirroring their Twitter content, or is their content unique to the channel?
  • Are their posts mostly internal, external or a mix of both?
  • How many favorites/responds/retweets do they average per article? Does one wedding stick out within the others?
  • Have they created lists?
  • What type of hashtags they use?
  • Do they run any customer engaging campaign on Twitter?
  • Do they use Twitter cards for email signups, subscriptions, lead generation, etc.?

As an instant: If you analyze the Twitter account of Moz, you’ve found that they use images in almost every post on their Twitter page. Their images all follow the brand’s color and style scheme, and they’ve generated a template for their Twitter photos to accompany blogs, articles and especially guest posts.


Brand-wise, it’s noteworthy that the “owner” of the Moz Twitter account is a robot. Picking a catchy on-brand character to run various social media accounts is a way the brand stands out as feisty in the generally more solemn SEO industry.

Key Takeout: A social media character and templates can assist a large brand stay steady in social, even if a number of people are standing behind the account.

Case Study: Examples of the kinds of data you can see, and how to present it to gain the best insight are below:


Tracking daily comments, average engagement rate and following at a top line level lets you analyze Twitter account of competitors. With the help of Twitter analyze tool you can also analyze the days on which you’re performing better or on which worse than your brand competitors. Even the tool allows you to step back and see what type of content was posted and what type of News Feeds they’re provided on those days to your competitors, to see how you optimize well, or where you can mend based on what your brand competitor activity was.

Secret #3: Examine Instagram Accounts to analyze your competition

Instagram is superbly simplistic and the most special marketing platform. It has great potential to connect a brand on a more intimate level, but if you’re thinking it’s just for millennial, you’re following the wrong concept of online marketing. This platform offers tons of benefits to all ages and brands in terms of online marketing. It’s all depends on the purpose of using Instagram. If your motive is to get more engagement from followers on Instagram, there’s plenty of ways you can do to increase your brand’s visibility to get more followers, share, and comments. But to stay ahead of the contest you need to analyze your competitor’s social media activities and to do so, there are many free and paid Instagram analyzing tools to help you out. I personally like to use tools of GramBoardPro to get this data out for my account.


  • Here are a few questions to assess a company’s Instagram page site:
  • How many followers your competitors have?
  • How many Instagram accounts are they following?
  • Are their blog posts mostly in-house, outer or a mix of both?
  • How do they use hashtags?
  • How do they use their on-brands photos? Do they showcase their products and services in each photo, or do they follow lifestyle-oriented marketing strategy?
  • Do they use tags to add other accounts with their own (such as partner companies or employees) in numbers of their photos and posts?

As an Instant: If you’re selling an item that works like a device, the Nike Running brand is a superb exemplary instance of switching an item into a strategy, as well as their Instagram feed displays this. How will you get folks stoked up about a footwear? You make sure they are experiencing anything from what the footwear may do.

The Nike Running’s Instagram feed shows off both of item and its own effective customers. Additionally, they display tales of non-professional athletes, followed closely by spectacular photography.


Even although you can’t employ a global course shooter, you are able to study from the narrative type of Nike Running’s Instagram accounts. With smartphones that click top quality pictures, actually smaller businesses such as for instance a nearby footwear shop or perhaps little components manufacturer will find methods to utilize photography to humanize their items.

Key takeout: Instagram can be more about showing off the brand and their products with fancy filters. It can also tell stories that worth more than thousand words.

Case Study: Examples of the kinds of data you can see, and how to present it to gain the best insight are below:

Papia 3

Tracking daily engagement and followers at a top line level and allow you to analyze Instagram accounts of competitors. With the help of Instagram analyze tool you can also optimize the days on which you’re performing better or on which worse.

After Math

A systematic competitive analysis takes the time to compose, and sometimes it may feel you like you’re stalking the other guy rather than concentrating on your own game. But analyzing out what other brands are doing to promote their brand on social media can give you a stimulus for your own social media contest to succeed.

Going through a record of questions is just the beginning. Assembling a considerable dimension technique is a superb method to dig into additional business’s achievements, but let yourself stroll a bit, also. Go through the contents and videos that you simply find very interesting, because those frequently lead to the best marketing ideas.

I’m not recommending copying your brand’s social media competitors, but merely an understanding from their activities, as well as your one. The efficiency of the information across social channels is definitely an indicator of how comparable information might execute for you personally. You might observe particular components within their strategy or particular information components as you are able to use to your benefit immediately, or higher the long term by adjusting your social media technique.

Be sure you are continuously optimizing your posts publishing technique by taking a look at your competitors’ account analyzing data and optimize your social media marketing plan. Learn from their mistake, as well as achievements and gain a genuine knowledge of your efficiency to allow one to constantly improve over time.

So, what’re you thinking? How to do competitive analysis? How to develop your marketing brand and social media campaigns? I personally like to use SocioBoard– World’s First Open Source Social Media Management, Analytics and Reporting platform supporting 9 social media networks. If currently you’re using other social media tools then you can share with me your experiences in the comments!

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