All the marketers have recognized the importance of social media marketing and customer service tactics has grown us up to a tremendous height, so it is also essential to have tools to manage the social media business pages. In this respect, SocioBoard has taken a major step in proving a helping hand to perform Social Media Management (SMM).

As marketers have understood the need of social media management tools, now they need to know about which can prove to be great for them. In this blog, we are going to discuss the brand new features that SocioBoard launches in order to assist you and make a competitive benefit using social media,

Given below are the brand new features that will help you to get an improving SMM experience:


1# SocioBoard Dashboard:

The dashboard of SocioBoard helps to perform your task in a damn easy way. Socioboard provides you the way to manage your social media, interact with your customers and enhance the status of your brand on social media. You can do it from a single dashboard.

SocioBoard Dashboard permits you to view all your social network analytics in one place, hence excluding the manual work to go into every account and see what occurred in the past week. It will let you link with all important social media channels out there. It will help to sync with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. up to nine social media.



2# SocioBoard Socio-Queue:

Socio-Queue is a new feature which takes the charge of the monotonous busywork, you can at the end finish the never-ending process of creating and posting, new updates and hence you can give more time on social media interacting straightway to your audience in real time.

In the Socio-Queue feature, you can schedule your message easily for publishing it in your later future. Not only this, if you are not satisfied with your scheduled messages, then you can edit or delete it later. In overall, you can see the status of your scheduled message in a queue.



3#  SocioBoard Inbox Messages:

It permits you to categorize all the social media users who show themselves most engaging with your profile and posts. According to me, a marketer should have the skill of quick to react. For this SocioBoard tool is a great option to engage your audience more quickly and closely to yourself so they could build trust in you and your business.

You can get all the messages from different social media channels in one place i.e, SocioBoard Inbox messages.



4# SocioBoard Discovery:

SocioBoard Discovery presents you a new opportunity where you can find new customers for your business by searching for keywords. It helps you to influence a huge customer base for your business. You can get all the relevant and desired results about your customer by searching it through keywords and that too in different social media platform from one place at one time. It saves your time and proves to be an effective tool for your business.  



Therefore, by using SocioBoard new features you have a golden opportunity to bind a number of new customers with you and your brand. It plays a crucial role to compete with your competitors. It helps to improve the quality of social media marketing and helps to increase the sales and revenue for your business.