If you’re unfamiliar with the term “open-source”, it’s a kind of collaborative programming by which developers create their code readily available for anyone to edit, review, and develop upon. The end-results are quick version and development, shared knowledge, along with a tight community of people working together to enhance their field—and themselves.

Open-Source Comes to Social Media Marketing

The-field of social media marketing isn’t often the first division that comes to mind when considering open-source. Imagine if we found motivation from technology and “worked out loud” to share what we’re doing with our peers—our failures, our successes, our surprises? Can we have exactly the same benefits of the open-source technology in social media marketing community?

We all know social media ads provides value to your brands, but to your surprise most social media marketers are using it wrong. There’s too much to focus on conceit metrics. Marketers do not exert their effort on driving business sales through social media. Brands are still using social networking like a broadcast channel.

One problem I’ve seen faced by most social media marketers is access to latest technology that’s versatile enough to meet their supplies for approval workflow, asset-management, compliance, control, etc. The tools readily available for managing marketing campaigns are often missing and perpetuate the problems in social media marketing by overemphasizing vanity metrics and broadcasting content.

To solve this problem, Socioboard Technologies build an open source social media management suite – Socioboard Core. Their goal is to give a scalable, customized personalized, scalable platform business and people can use to build their own social media marketing platform that fulfills their specific editorial, operational and measurement needs. All codes for free, which you can download it from Github.


In a study I recently discovered, 63% of participants suggested their current social media management application didn’t fulfill their needs. 93% were thinking about trying an open-source substitute. There’s market for this. We simply need to develop it.


At Socioboard, you’ll embrace social media all through the business, including social media marketing. The Socioboard team felt embracing open-source in social media marketing and sharing some of their work will be a good way to give back something great to the digital marketers’ community, and encourage others as they’ve been inspired.

Introducing Socioboard’s Open Source tools

Socioboard Core is a suite of open source social media tools available as a web application and mobile apps foe Android/iOS platforms. Socioboard open source desktop apps are like a Swiss-knife in social media marketing industry.


Their desktop and mobile apps aren’t limited by various APIs of different social media networks Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The four Socioboard Desktop apps for social media marketers are described below in details:

FaceBoardPro: This is an open source Facebook marketing software to automate your regular Facebook activities with a few clicks, manage your friends, pages, groups, apps etc. manage multiple Facebook profiles & automate all your Facebook campaigns.



InBoardPro: This is an open-source LinkedIn marketing software, which can manage multiple accounts on LinkedIn, automate every activity you do on LinkedIn, Post automated LinkedIn updates, manage LinkedIn groups and lot more.



GramBoardPro: An open source desktop apps for managing Instagram marketing campaign. This application can automate your regular Instagram activities, manage likes & comments, post automate updates etc.



TwtBoardPro: This is an open source Twitter marketing software to manage multiple twitter account, automate sending/receiving tweets, retweets, favorites and let you manage your twitter marketing campaign with a single click.


Socioboard mobile apps for mobile marketers

Socioboard also take care of mobile marketers who travels a lot. These apps will let them manage their social media campaigns from the comfort of their smartphone. All these apps are available for free, which you download it form Google Play or iTunes store.

 TBoardPro: This app can manage multiple twitter account and help you manage your twitter marketing campaign from your smartphone. Available in Both Android and iOS app versions.

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FBoardPro: This app is made to let you manage your Facebook marketing campaign from the tap of your smartphone screen, available in both iOS/Android platforms. It possess all the features of FaceBoardPro desktop app in a mobile app.




IBoardPro: Made to manage multiple instagram profile from your smartphone, available in both iOS/android platforms. This app will automate your instagram activities with a screen tap. It is a powerful Instagram marketing automation app.

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Now you see the future of open source software and the perks they provide. However, the best part is freedom from a single vendor. As software vendors can go out of business but open-source software will let you keep not just the right to use the software you’ve, but also the ability to use it as per as your needs. Socioboard launch their products with a sole vision to create products for open & connected social world freeing users from the limitation of restricted code and giving wings to their dreams to explore something new.

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