Since social media is developed, it has always provided a stage for continuous interaction among the people. From a business point of view, Social media platforms have always provided various ways through which they can easily interact with their target audiences and convert their leads into business. Various social media platforms have integrated methods that can help a business reach their potential users.




Today it’s simply not enough for a business to have a presence at a particular social media stage. You need to be active on more than one social media platform in order to widen their audience reach. But managing several social media at a single time is not an easy task. Fortunately, we have social media managing tools that can help you easily manage your social media marketing campaigns. One such eminent tool is SocioBoard.


SocioBoard is, undoubtedly, one of the most prominent social media management tool available in the market these days. Understanding the importance of social media platforms and the various changing trends of social media, the latest features of SocioBoard ensures users to get the maximum out of their social media advertising.


Let’s have a look at some of the latest features of SocioBoard that are hugely beneficial:


(I)- SocioBoard Discovery

SocioBoard Discovery is a great feature of SocioBoard to easily find out your targeted audiences on a social media platform. This is a keyword based search. Using the keyword, you can search users on multiple social media platforms that too at the same time. The latest SocioBoard discovery is designed in such a way that it is aware of all the various integration of different social media platforms that helps you find your targeted audience.





(II)- SocioQueue-

SocioQueue is one of those amazing features that provides an edge to SocioBoard over other social media management tools. Scheduling messages are available in every social media management tool but not every social media management tools help you edit your scheduled messages in the real time.





Scheduling messages save a great measure of time for the users. SocioQueue not only allows you to schedule your messages but also provides you the right of editing at any point in time. Even if you want to change the status of the messages, you are free to do so. This feature is a great help to add genuineness to your social media presence.


(III)- SocioBoard Sentimental Analysis-

This is another unique feature of SocioBoard that helps you easily figure out what the audiences think about you and your posts on social media. This is the great analytic feature that can help you decide where you stand in the market, what people are thinking about, whether you are receiving positive or negative responses, etc.




This feature helps you to find all the social media posts where you are being discussed. There are certain filters that help you to calculate the number of retweets, shares, comments, likes, follow etc. on your posts. This is a mirror of your social media performance. This analysis helps you to regularly improve and even focus on things or social media platforms where you are lacking behind.


(IV)- SocioBoard Smart Inbox-

SocialBoard has a special feature namely SocioBoard Smart Inbox. This feature is mainly incorporated to improve the social media response. Social media marketing should be responsive. Audiences prefer those sites or accounts that can help them on their queries in real time. But it’s nearly impossible for the users to be online all the time.




So in order to tackle this problem, SocioBoard incorporated a feature that intimates you whenever someone messages or tries to contact you on any social media platforms. Not only this, this section provides you the detail information regarding the messages or queries that have been placed by your audience. This section will surely improve your social media responsiveness and help you easily impress your audience around.


Final Words-

SocioBoard has changed the definition of social media management with its latest features. SocioBoard is regularly improving and incorporating latest features that can help its users to get along with the latest trends and methodologies in social media marketing. There are various other important and unique features of SocioBoard that make it better for the users.