Social Media is with us just over a decade and it will leave forever. When I first started using Facebook I was just thinking that how the big world stored in a single site. The Facebook platform helps you to connect with people whom you will never meet or people who are close to you.

This is same with all other social network like Twitter, Instagram, and much more. This intersection of people and technology was resonating with our tribal and creativity.

And social network becomes more viral among the people when the mobile phone is added to the mix. Social and mobile were the perfect storms. Today we can’t think our life with these technologies. They are impacting how we work. Socialize and play.

So In this article, I will discuss the social media marketing trends and how they are playing out for us as entrepreneurs and as passionate and complicated humans?

Live Video Streaming

Youtube was launched in the year 2005. This platform helps you to record video, Upload video, and View. Smartphones make it more popular among the users. Which allow you to capture the live moment.

Meerkat is one of the first social networks to make live streaming video easy. Then Twitter comes in Queue with Periscope. And now the giant social network site Facebook comes with the Facebook live streaming.

This live streaming formula changing the way of interaction with people. And it makes better way to share your stories with people on social network sites.

Businesses get more benefit with live video streaming formula because it gives them a better path to make their users more understandable with their products.

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Chatbots are Changing Our Conversations

Nowadays Chatbots become the conversational agent that is designed to simulate intelligent conversation without a human being present.

Most of the company are using their own bot to resolve the human issue. Facebook Chat Bots are one application of this revolutions. These Chatbots are the incorporation of automatic chatbots within Facebook Messenger.

In April 2016 facebook announced that third party can use Facebook Chatbots for their business purpose. Due to this Chatbots has rapidly grown all over the world.
The customer wants a fast reply and one solution for their problems . Therefore Chatbots are defined in such a manner that they are able to answer most of the queries placed by customers. Without human engagements.

In the market, the most amazing Chatbot is Chotu Bot. Which gives information to the customer through Facebook messages. This bot is made in such a way that it perform multiple tasks in a single time and it gives 24*7 customer service.

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Marketing Software for Different Social Media Platform

Today in this new age of technology every marketer want to grow their business at a faster rate. This all can be possible with the help of marketing software. This Software is designed to handle your different activity of marketing on Social media through a single platform.

Dominator House produces one of the best marketing software for a different social media platform. Using this software you can easily bring traffic and revenue for your business in short period of time on a different social media platform.

This software is smarter, more intuitive and cheaper to buy. If you are not using it for your marketing purpose and thinking about it Then you may find your competitions giving you a marketing wake-up call.

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Rise of Social Influencer

Social media gives rise to global topics tribes. Bloggers Are creating content on different issues and materials like fashions, food and much more. They also build loyal followers on different social media platforms.

Due to the increase in the online noise it very difficult to target your audience. But the Influencer will be the new gatekeeper to target your audience and bring traffic for your business on social media.

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As marketers and Entrepreneur, you have to find new marketing strategy which suite new trend of social media marketing. And keep yourself updated with latest features of social media which help you in Marketing.