Social media is a core & influential networking tool and an important part of the marketing mix for every business irrespective of their size. Getting initiated with social networking platform is as easy (if not that easier) for a small company as it’s for big companies with large marketing teams and budgets.

Nowadays your mom is doing it, your little sister is doing it, check, and even everyone is doing it. But many businesses still ponder over the question that is it really beneficial to have a good presence over different social networking sites?

He Said, She Said

There is a common misconception within businesses that it is dangerous to have a Facebook page for your brand or business in case someone says something bad about you.


In actual fact, the chance that someone may say something negative regarding your brand or business is even more reason to ensure you are engaging with users on the appropriate platform to respond to such situations!

You’re still going to get talked about with or without a social media profile or page for your company, but if you do have one at least you’re giving your fans and followers somewhere to complain that you can respond to.

Instead of focusing on what people will think of you based on the negative comment itself, ensure your fans and followers are judging you on how you react to the situation.

There are a number of easy social media risk mitigation steps you can take to reduce the chances of getting bad feedback which we’ll share in a future article. If you can’t wait, just get in touch to find out more about our social media services.

A Little Goes a Long Way

In addition to placating any potentially unhappy customers, ensure you regularly engage with those that are becoming advocates of your business.


If you receive a thank you or a digital pat on the back through your social media platforms remember to thank that user and show that they are appreciated and not just merely a number next to a thumbs up symbol.

It’s Not the Size, it’s How You Use It

Social signals are now more important than ever for SEO.


If as a business you value your rankings in the organic Google search listings, having a strong social media presence can really contribute to your relevancy in the eyes of Google.

Several studies and researches have highlighted how year on year, the relevance and importance of social presence is becoming aligned with high organic rankings.

For small businesses, this is an opportunity to climb higher than the big kids in search results in true underdog style.

The Last Word

If you believe your customers are a valuable aspect of your business then consider connecting with them in an environment where they are most comfortable.

Ensure your content is engaging, relevant and responds to the needs of your users.

Hand out virtual High Fives where they are due and consider your social media platforms an extension of your existing customer relationship management processes.

If you’re ready to jump in and either find out what’s missing from your current social media efforts or you are new to all of this and ready to get started from scratch and keep reading out posts to get the ball rolling for you.