Creating a new Twitter account and going from no followers to over thousand followers in a few months is a bit tough task for you. While I’m using twitter and stayed in the middle of the journey and have gained over thousand followers for my new twitter account, I re-analyzed than optimize the entire Twitter journey.

I also decide to spend more focus on a Twitter consideration that I nearly left out. The consideration I nearly left out is @Tips4Tweeting, and after some trouble, I eventually first got it handed the 2,000 Twitter fan hurdle. Coupled with my understanding like a Twitter-specialist with more than 225,000 fans across all my accounts and me recalling what it feels as though to begin from scratch.

Back To Basics

After I created my new Twitter account for the very first time, I’d to complete anything concerning the new character, the orange header, and also the proven fact that I’d no fans and followers with no tweets. The very first thing I did was sign up the account therefore it might appear good. I create an image of the character on Canvas and utilized one of Canvas Twitter header pictures. Subsequently, I delivered some tweets associated with the account’s objective (I can’t let you know exactly what the consideration is because the test isn’t around. I created a towards the people in my own Twitter Control program they were the only real types who might understand what the consideration is and that I wouldn’t advertise it to my audience).


Recommended for You

If you really want to save a lot of time and huge effort with your social media marketing strategy, I really want to recommend you to do some search and use a social media marketing pro. Pro is a great social media tool for Twitter account users and other social media marketing users because it connects all of the social channels nicely. One of the great thing about pro is- this type of social media marketing tools have bulk schedules which allow us to schedule tweets in bulk. Just spending 5 to 10 minutes one can also schedule four days of tweets, and since now they no need to spend so much time for writing new tweets, they can directly go to promote the account.

Follow, Follow, Follow

The first and foremost important thing you need to do with your new account is follow as many targeted users as possible, and since the Twitter account was new, the ratio of following back users didn’t matter. At a point, you may need to follow over thousand users and had less than 200 followers. Some time ratio matters at some of the points, so as I approached thousand of marketers, I unfollowed users who were not following back. You also need to do same because filtering your social account and flush out the junks is one of the key aspects in order to achieve success. Just as with my main Twitter account, I’d follow as many people as possible for me to do and easily I achieve my goal.


Have Conversations

Something Twitter doesn’t like is when a Twitter account goes on a following and unfollowing spree. Twitter doesn’t like these sprees since it makes the twitter account seem like a phony, and accounts of Twitter views as fake have been in the risk of headgear. In order to make sure Twitter didn’t believe my consideration was a phony, I used the Twitter account to begin numerous discussions with additional accounts.


Nevertheless, merely having discussions to obtain from the loophole won’t would you worthwhile. All the discussions I began with my new consideration were related. It had been the same of me use my primary consideration and commenting on another digital marketing expert’s information in 140 characters or less. Even when the individual doesn’t react to you, you’d a discussion, and having discussions with important people inside your market may result in more publicity. You won’t obtain a life-changing quantity of fans by tweeting to influencers, however, it is a start.

The Ratio Closer To The Right Way

Even though percentage doesn’t issue when you initially produce your consideration and follow others, it’ll matter for the account’s long term achievement. You wish to possess a percentage as near to one-to-one as you are able to, and ideally, along with you having a minor advantage (i.e. Subsequent 4,500 individuals and getting 5,000 fans). Whenever you continue your subsequent spree, your percentage may walk out setback.


Nevertheless, you don’t instantly unfollow somebody a couple of days later since that boosts warning flags, and Twitter might postpone your consideration. I take advantage of Twtboardpro to unfollow people, and also the device enables me to unfollow those who have not responded me back within 7 days. The very best aspect about Twtboardpro is the fact that Twitter lately approached them and requested them to create some little modifications to maintain balances about the good checklist. Twtboardpro’s modifications are made to safeguard your consideration from obtaining hanging.

Jumping The Hurdle

The largest challenge that stops people dead within their tracks is the fact that you can’t follow over 2,000 people if you don’t possess the right percentage. In my opinion it the hurdle acts its advantages since with no challenge, it’d be feasible for anyone to follow 1million individuals but just have 100 fans. At that time, having a large Twitter market means nothing, and just how may one individual perhaps go through all the tweets which come from huge numbers of people? Without implementing this challenge in early stages, Twitter might have turn into a junk property.

twitter (1)

The primary emphasis for all of US would be to leap that challenge since once that challenge is hoped, you are able to follow over 2,000 people. Twitter subsequently runs on the fan to the subsequent percentage to restrict just how many people you are able to follow, but this percentage is a lot more lax compared to 2000 guideline.

After Jumping The Hurdle

Once you jump the hurdle, you must follow more people than you were before while paying attention to your ratio. You don’t want your ratio to spiral out of control anymore, but it is okay to follow 100-200 more people than you have followers (i.e. having 2,500 followers and following 2,700 people). You will eventually discover that thousands of people who you are following are not following you back. Gradually unfollowing these users will bring down your ratio.

As your account starts to grow larger, begin to follow hundreds of people per day. I typically follow 950 people with my main account every day, but since the account has a strong ratio, I don’t have to worry about getting out of hand. Once you are at the point where you can follow hundreds of people per day without worrying about your ratio getting away from you, then you are in good shape to dominate Twitter.

In Conclusion

Many users looks twitter as a difficult to manage social media marketing platform because of the 2,000 rule. This rules or limitation was put in the place to stop spam and keep the dignity of Twitter as valuable as it is for everyone. The limitation also creates succeeding on social media like twitter all the more rewarding. Ultimately, individual will only continue following you if you continue do re-tweets on valuable content, but you need individual to know about your social media account. Twitter is the right platform to spread awareness by following by targeted people and unfollowing the users who don’t following back you as you approach the challenges. Once you jump into the challenge, it becomes very easier to build an great empire on Twitter.

Out of all which tips reproduce with you the hype? How big is your Twitter empire? Do you have any tricks and tips for building it? Please share your comments and thoughts with us.

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