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A recent research has shown that by 2017, Instagram will surpass Twitter, Google, in US mobile show ad revenues. The research was completely focused on how much the advertisers are expected to spend on the social media platform. And the research found that before the end of 2015, Instagram can bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues across the world.


This year, a rapid hike can be seen in the ad revenues of Instagram, and during the forecast period- which is driven by great demand for the new ad products or social networks, which will spread out beyond the marketing to add the direct response, facility to buy ads through an API, and improved measurement, analysis and targeting features.

By the end of 2017, the global mobile ad revenues of Instagram will surpass $2.81 billion, clarifying over 10 percent of parent company Facebook’s global advertisement revenues. There are many things that marketers need to know about the user base of Instagram and its latest ad products along with the best practices to get the most out of them.


Instagram is opening up, there is several of stifled demand. The rise of latest features in the upcoming months means that before the 2015 ends, Instagram will have a presenter of latest ad products for small as well as larger advertisers. Particularly, Instagram marketers will have a flexibility to use a complete intend of Facebook’s targeting tools, along with the suitable and famous Custom Audiences feature which can act as a key drawing card.

As, at present there’s no desktop-based ad product of Instagram, so the research’s estimation is only for mobile-based Instagram ad revenues. This year, the ad sales of Instagram will consist of the 5 percent of the mobile ad revenues of Facebook, and that share will hike to 14 percent by the year 2017, according to the research. Whereas in the US, the figures will come at 10.7 percent and 28 percent respectively by 2017.

During these 3 year period, Instagram will make the huge majority of its advertisement dollars in the US, though non-US sales will include a developing share of the pie. The research has predicted that Instagram will only have $30 million in ad sales outside the US this year, or approx. 5 percent of the total. In the meantime, the US will account for 92 percent of the overall in the year 2016 and 85 percent in the year 2017. As of July 2015, Instagram marketing is available only in 7 international markets including UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, and Japan. In 2014, the Instagram monthly US user base hiked by 60 percent to 64.2 million people. By the year 2019, more than 1/3rd of the country’s population is predicted to turn to social media, amounting to around 111.6 million customers.


Seeing the clear figures of how rapidly Instagram is predicted to grow in the US, the researchers predicted that Instagram will have more net mobile display ad sales than both Google as well as Twitter by the end of 2017. in 2014, Instagram surpassed the Twitter to become the US’s 2nd largest social networking platform. In 2014, the Twitter user base of US raised 12.1 percent to reach 48.4 million users.

Globally, the growth of Instagram hasn’t been that much strong, and other popular mobile social apps remain to be quite challenging for it. Thus far, however, the active brand engagement on the Instagram has been very high and linked with a solidified emerging user base and latest ad offerings, the mobile ad sales picture looks promising and bright.