Is your business getting benefited being on Pinterest?

Do you want more viewers to go through your articles?

How about Pinterest helping your content curation processes more than ever?

Have you heard of Pinterest planning to acquire Instapaper? Yes, you heard me right. Pinterest being one of the hottest social media sites offering a proper search and discovery platform. Seemed to be planning to bring in something more, something new for its users. Like, how about a read it later button? Won’t that be amazing?

Pinterest for business

Surely with Pinterest acquiring Instapaper there are certain new features coming our way. In this blog, we are going to look into those changes and estimate it effects upon Pinterest for business.

About Instapaper and Pinterest:

Being founded on 2008, Instapaper in simple terms can be considered as a bookmarking app. It offers its users with the facility to save any web content for later. That means it is more of a read it later feature. This application is multi platform supportive i.e, can be effectively used in smartphones, tablets etc.

Pinterest considered to a library for visual contents nowadays have successfully acquired higher stakes of the Instapaper. Now it has been lately working on the addition of some latest features for users to have a better experience with Pinterest for business. But why suddenly this much hurry with this ? With users growing every now and then on Pinterest, brands have been utilizing it more for their Ads. And with the ability to save anything for later viewing Pinterest for business will simply be more specific and targeting.

3 Ways Businesses are going to get benefited:

  • More Effective Targeting with Pinterest for business:

As know to most of us, that brands have been using the Pinterest social platform for a long time. Simply to showcase their eye catchy product images and turn more of its viewers into regular customers. However with a busy lifestyle, many are unable to cope up with viewing all the Ads on the go. With Pinterest adding up a new ‘save it for later‘ or ‘read it later’ button, anyone can save a web content and put it to use later. In that manner, brands will not be missing any opportunities to target using Pinterest for business.

More Effective Targeting with Pinterest for business

  • Extended Exposure with Pinterest for business:

Exposure is what most brands crave for in this highly competitive market scenario. Pinterest has been a perfect tool for brands to gain the exact exposure for their products. However, with many brands out in the market, reaching out to your audiences becomes tougher. And there are many who lack the patience to wait and don’t hesitate to shift towards others. So with this read it later coming into the play, many brands stand a chance to hold their ground with Pinterest for business. As with greater exposure comes greater chances to connect. This acquiring of Instapaper by Pinterest provide a new interface to your businesses.

Extended Exposure with Pinterest for business

  • Video-Ads to go booming with Pinterest for business:

Lately, video adverts have been a powerful resource to online social media marketers. Visual contents are considered to have a greater impact on the minds of its audiences. They can easily send out the true message of the brands and simultaneous be fun generating or interesting. Thus marketers have joined forces with Pinterest’s latest introduction of video Ads to fulfill their goals. Again with ‘save it for later’ joining the game, the visual content spreading in only going to get more boosted. This is definitely a boon to those using Pinterest for business.

Video-Ads to go booming with Pinterest for business

Wrapping Words:

Pinterest has been long serving as one of the best social media search and discovery tool for marketers. And the acquiring of Instapaper is merely a sign towards the beginning of new marketing trends on social media platform. Leading to generation of more ROI for brands using Pinterest for business.

Do you have any further knowledge regarding this topic? Was my post beneficial to you? You can simply reach out through your comments and share your views and opinions. For further exciting news regarding latest technical and business advancements follow our blog. частный займ краснодарзайм на яндекс деньги без картызайм на карту срочно без отказа с 18 лет