Instagram takes its Stories feature too prestigious & serious that it wants to give more fun to its users through the feature. On the other hand, it wants to give the best to its marketer-users from this ephemeral story feature.

In fact, Instagram Stories has changed the way marketers promote their business on the photo-sharing app. This feature assures more engagement for your business. Two things make this point clear – 150 million users use the stories daily and 70% of the people are following businesses.

Now, Instagram takes the privilege of taking businesses on Instagram a step ahead by adding the Stories insights on business tools and Ads to the stories platform.

So here today, let us see how will these new features on Instagram stories work and how can one get the fullest from the two features.


Business Insights of Stories

Last year in May, Instagram announced the Business Tools on its platform. These tools give the performance metrics of the ads on Instagram. But so far, this Tools feature worked only for normal sponsored posts.

With the latest update, we are going to get the insights of stories on Business Tools. Metrics like impressions, reach, replies and exits are determined for a business profile on Instagram.

Mindy’s Bakeshop Instagram Story from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.



Ads in Stories

Not just measuring the metrics, you can also be able to make advertising using Instagram stories. That too, with full-screen ads. Just as you target your ads on any other platform, you will have targeting options to chose the people whom you want to reach with these Story ads.

This feature is now in test-mode and used by 30+ marketer users like Nike, Netflix and Capital One etc. It seems that these ads are going to create a great engagement for its users. Because, it got 70% view-rate.

Airbnb Instagram Story from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.



Many businesses have started using the Stories for their marketing. There is a fact lies in this that 20% of the stories are getting direct message responses from their users. A company like Mulberry UK has seen 5 times more engagement than the average engagement on other social networks.

As it comes with a precise targeting mechanism, marketers are going to get more benefit from Instagram marketing. However, they need to wait for a few more days to get these features as they are still in test mode.