Every now and then, social networks come up with new features that help the businesses. So far in the year, we have seen many new features of various social networks. In our previous posts, we have learnt about the features and using them for your marketing.


This time, we are here with some upcoming features that you are to have on social media in a few days. These features are in test mode now. Take a look at the features and make strategies to use them, now itself.


Instagram Live


Earlier this year, Facebook launched Live Streaming feature. We have all witnessed the success of this feature. Many celebrities and brands have succeeded in using this feature for their marketing.


Now its acquisition Instagram, the largest photo-sharing app, is about to launch the Live streaming feature on its platform. In the month of August, Instagram has launched its Stories feature which is the Snapchat-Stories-like feature. At the event of launching this feature Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, has stated that they were trying to launch a Snapchat-live-events-like feature.


instagram live-features on social networks


Recently, it was learnt that this feature includes a Red colored button “Go Insta!”.


Seems, they are so desperate to beat Snapchat totally out of the race.


Pin Collective


The 150 M active user social community, Pinterest, gives more priority to the quality of the Pins. Be it from a common pinner or a business of any scale, they feel that the pins nurture the ideas of its community members.


In order to improve the quality of the pins of businesses, Pinterest introduces the new Pin Collective feature on its marketing platform. Pinterest has selected some great creators in its community. These creators will work directly with the businesses who are leveraging the Pinterest platform.


In its post describing the feature, Pinterest has mentioned some names as an example of the expert creators who are going to help the businesses.


Expected Features on Facebook


Jobs Tab on Pages


The social media giant always strives to do a lot for businesses. It has an excellent advertising platform and marketplace features. And now, it is about to come up with Jobs feature on its pages.


Usually, you can only add the Jobs tab on your page with the help of some third-party tools. But now, we are going to have this feature from Facebook itself.


So you can add free Job listings on your page itself and describe the job roles clearly to your audience.


As of now, this feature is in test mode. We have to wait for a few more days to get this feature for our pages. To know how to use the feature, Workable is giving a small guide.


Looks like, Facebook is about to give a competition to LinkedIn.


Page Like Counts Get Removed


What actually matters on Facebook – Likes?


But it seems, Facebook doesn’t believe in likes anymore. From a tweet by Matt Navarra, Facebook is testing a feature removing the Likes count on the pages.


removing likes count-features on social networks


Though we don’t what exactly makes Facebook trying this type of feature, but such test is going on for sure.


However, according to the general attitude of the public, a page with some thousand likes attract more users than that of a page with some ten likes. So let’s see what Facebook will say on this development.


Live Scheduling


Well, as a marketer, you are leveraging the Facebook Live feature for your business promotions. And now, it’s time to schedule your live streaming that gives more flexibility for your audience to watch your streaming.


Facebook is making changes to its Live API to enable you to schedule your streamings. This also includes a tool that sends reminders to your audience who are interested in your streaming. So that, they can’t forget your show.

fb live reminder-features on social networks

Once you schedule your live video, you can share the live streaming video link on your website or you can embed it on your blog. As of now, this feature is available to the verified pages only. And very soon, all the pages are going to have this feature.


Steps to schedule:

live scheduling- features on social networks

  • Open the Publishing Tools
  • Click on Video Library
  • Click on Live
  • And schedule the video




These are the new features that are launched in test mode and are about to be launched. With these features, we are sure that social media marketing is about to plunge and your business would reach the new heights.

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