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Handling numbers of social media accounts can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why most of the companies having the resources easily available generally take assistance from the top social media management tool to reduce the load and burdensome. It’s a lot of engagement, research, and scheduling. That’s why a few people (particularly those who’re bootstrapping a business) must properly manage their social presence themselves. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can turn out to be a huge ordeal.

This post is all about the Twitter automation, and it’s focused primarily on this social network because it is here that we see a lot more automation tools. Facebook has its fair share, but a lot of people use it for personal reasons whereas Twitter is more flexible and free.


Twitter automation in many eyes can be seen as very spammy. Black hat marketers will tend to create all these fake accounts on Twitter and basically use it to spread their message. I mean, this makes sense right? It’s much easier to make hundreds of Twitter accounts, and you can really contact anyone (unlike on Facebook). It is here where we can see a lot of automation from people feeding content from blogs and churning followers to build a massive following where they can market their messages.

Well, this sounds pretty bad right? It’s actually not always the case.

In reality, twitter automation tools can be used very effectively if you are well aware of what you’re actually doing. Let’s start from the beginning.

Imagine you create your first blog for your company. You write 1 article every week. That’s pretty manageable. It’s easy to spread the word of your content through a service such as SocioBoard. What if now, you’re publishing 5 articles every day? At this point, it starts to become a process. Scheduling posts to go out every so often can certainly become a hassle. That’s where Twitter automation comes into action.


With TwtBoardPro, a twitter automation tool, you can basically focus on writing your content, and spend less time on posting it in different Twitter accounts. TwtBoardPro doesn’t limit you to only schedule your posts, rather it lets you easily manage your numbers of twitter accounts all at once using single dashboard. Also, it lets you the management of Tweet, Follower, Un-follower, Wait & reply, and much more.


Twitter automation tools should not be your only focus in social media management; however, it should be included to help with what you’re already currently doing.

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