Inboardpro makes your website exceptionally noticeable over distinctive social networking sites. With Advertising solutions for your business Inboardpro trek your brand awareness and create various leads. By connecting with Inboardpro through your well organized Inboardpro advertising techniques you locate best personnel who will. Give hike to your concern.

Our extremely user friendly features specially crafted to meet all your needs and to put an end to all your queries. Inboardpro have lots of features, some of the most astonishing features which help you to connect to your friends.

Let’s have look on this features

Add connections:

You can make with your connections through two methods

  • Email- utilizing this you can immediately include any specific friend of your into your network.
  • Keywords- keywords will help you to add peoples according to the specific keyword you entered. You simply need to accomplish the keyword and the software will finish up the remaining process by sending request to random profiles.


Inboardpro inquiry:

With the assistance of this feature you can bring the subtle elements of random peoples or organization straightforwardly from their profiles using their names only. Additionally you can essentially scrap the information from their profiles with the assistance of their profile url.

You not only add your friends or random peoples you can also add groups

You can make numerous group with the help of your Inboardpro account. With this feature you can also permitted to send invitations to all your connections to join your already created groups.

Join friends group:

You can easily get into your friend’s group. This feature assist you to search for your friends in your network and outside it. As you find the group created by your friends, you can send request for joining them.

join friends group





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