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  1. Group status update:

With the help of this feature you can share your thoughts or whatever you share in your status will be seen in your group by updating group status. This feature simplifies your work to reach to your group members simply with your status.

group status update


  1. Compose message:

This feature helps you to message your connections all at a time. This feature is designed to ease your work and to save your time ads with the help of this feature you can communicate with all your group members with a single message you can send any information or communicate with them in real time. This includes features like spintax and tag feature which protect it from being getting declared spam.

compose msg


  1. Message group member:

You can communicate with all your group members or with all those peoples who are in your network, but you will not restrict into your own network you can add and find people outside your network also. This will help you to find, add and communicate random peoples all round the world who share the same niche as you do.

msg group member



  1. Pricing:

With our comprehensively variable pricing plans we serve you with the most suitable digital advertising strategies according to your need and it will put a burden over your budget too. To take full advantage of InBoardPro you can pick among the three assorted plans, namely monthly, yearly and lifetime.



Let me Manage my Linkedin Group Statistics