Have you ever think, how you can increase your product viability using your digital media platform? Or how you can use your social media account to benefit your business. You may have heard about Twitter, one of the biggest and largest growing social media network. Just think how much your business will hike using such a large social media platform.

With the use of plethora public updates, searchable bios and numerous third party tools. With the help of this you can able to cater a huge number of customers without any trouble. Fetching customers on twitter is a extremely easy task compared to any other network.

By using this tips, you can increase your productivity and increase your customer count.

1.You can schedule your tweets.

You can schedule your Tweet using some automation feature designed for twitter which allows you to make a list of content and schedule them. Then this contents will do their job automatically and all you need is to sit back and relax.

You will get your account pre-loaded with two separate schedule box, one is allowed for content and the other one is for photos. You can create more if you need so. With this scheduling feature, you can post up to 100 tweets you can able to load more than thousands of tweets in your scheduler.

These tweet schedulers were so flexible that it can continue its work without any problem. You can schedule any day and time of the week. If this schedule boxes runs out of the loaded content it automatically start posting from the starting. Tihs type features basically designed to increase your productivity and your activeness in your account let you gain more and more customer every day. One of the good automation service which really eases your work very much is twtboardpro.


2. Follow some twitter basics

To increase the customer size all, you need to follow some simple twitter basics.

Never use @username before starting a tweet: If you start a tweet with @userb=name it will restrict the particular post to that person only. So if you are willing to post a tweet targeting for general public they what you do is-

tweet limited reach

Instead of writing @username you can write ‘hey @username’.

tweet wider reach

Many people think more the hashtags more the viability but this is a myth. Never use more than three hashtags in a single tweet. Too many hashtags in a single tweet make it look like a spam tweet and reduce the shareability of the tweet.

Never over tweet about your business: never over tweet about your product, business or about yourself. The rule of 80/20 is applicable on all these types of social network platform. This rule signifies that you need to devote 80% of our time on interacting with others and promoting them and the rest 20% time should be given on promoting your own business.

Do what your customers want: always have an eye on what your customers want and they are doing whom you are following. Listen to their pain and provide the immediate solution to those issues. This will set a good image of your and people will see that you are an expert and will be helpful in providing solution instantly.

3. Your twitter profile must be promoted everywhere

The more you promote your profile, the more chances of getting visible to the public. Promote your twitter handle of all your social networking sites. Connect your facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and google + accounts to your twitter account by mentioning it on the about us or contact section of all the above written social networking sites and platforms.

Make sure that all your blogging accounts and website contain the social sharing button on it. This will help readers to share your work and they find it easy to to tell other people regarding your content.

4. Do proper promotion of your giveaways

If you really want to increase your engagement, traffic and more visibility then giveaways are the best way to do it. You can take benefit of it by providing Q & A and the entrants can answer them by tagging your name or by using any specific type of hashtags. The winner will be awarded by the giveaways.

Make sure the hashtags will be like that they guide more and more traffic towards your account.

Make sure you don’t miss a single conversation and provide the required information to the entrants that they tweet with @username mentioning your name in the place of the username.

Start your giveaway campaign when you are completely ready with the giveaway. Start posting the Q & A in your account and share it across on all your social profiles in the different platform. This will catch the attention of not only twitter users but also from other platforms too.

5. Converse with all the niche influencers

Networking is a tested and verified method for increasing your reach. It does not matter too much that you are online or offline. So if you haven’t started networking it is the peak time to initiate networking for your business and brand.

Always try to listen to people who are sharing the same niche. This will help you to find and develop a relationship to the people to whom you want to interact and develop the relation.

It is not mandatory that the influencers are national. You can go global to promote your brand and business. So connecting with the influencers of similar niche will help you to add more value to the campaigns and your business promotion.

twitter niche influencer


It may be very challenging for you to develop such relation and techniques to promote your business especially if you are new to twitter. But with the growing time the connections will increase and you will start witnessing the reach of your business is growing.

All this tricks and techniques were shared keeping in mind to promote your business through increasing the reach of your twitter profile. Twitter is a popular and well-known time-saving tool. This whole article is mainly described the simplest easiest manner to achieve your goal of increasing the reach of your business.

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