Are you interested in Social media marketing?

Curious to know what would be the trend this year?

The trends in the digital marketing are changing from the past few years. Once, we used to go to the email marketing. Desktop traffic is more on the internet. Later, Laptop traffic is gradually increased. But now, the technology is enabling everyone to use a mobile phone.

Smart developers make apps for the smartphones. Smart business people are grabbing the opportunities to reach the average customer.

Okay now, let us see the trends of 2016 in the digital marketing.

#1 Increased mobile traffic:

In 2015, Google has announced that the mobile traffic is being increased rapidly. Already, the laptop traffic has surpassed the desktop traffic. Now, mobile phones are there to surpass the laptop traffic in the US. It implies that the number of mobile users is increasing. This is a point to be noted down. The business people should concentrate on this matter and try to reach the mobile users.


For instance, smartphone revolution has caused this change. So, it is likely to be good advertising in the mobile apps. So that, you can reach more and number of common users.

#2 Businesses likely to invest more in the social media ads:

According to the surveys, the digital marketing is likely to be changing to the social media platform. Though the traditional methods of email marketing are in use, the social media is in its pinnacle stage.


As per the study conducted on 5000 marketers, the budget for digital marketing advertisement has been revamped. Most of the businesses seem to double the expenditure they are going to do in the year. Out of all the companies, whopping 66% of the companies are considering the social media as their basic advertising platform.

#3 Your competitors seem to concentrate more on organic social traffic:

In the digital marketing (or) online marketing, traffic is the most important factor. Businesses are supposed to invest more in the content marketing for their organic traffic gain. Yet, the traditional marketing methods are yielding no enough results to bear the tough competition.

So, the marketers are turning their eyes towards the social media. Because you all know that social media is the place where billions of users are stay connected. So, marketers are investing in the content marketing for the social media.

SO, I personally suggest you prepare beautiful content and advertisements for your brand on the social media.

#4 Videos gonna take lion’s share:

As mentioned earlier, social media advertising is the right strategy you have to follow. As per the studies, Images in any social media are the most preferred advertising pattern. But, considering the past few months results, the response to the video content is slightly increased.


But I am very sure that video ads are going to take the lion’s share of the social media advertising. Remember, ads in text format are not legible now. Investing in such ads is just good-to-nothing. So, think wisely and make a selection of your preferred ad mode.

#5 Social media Influencers are the guiding light for businesses:

Nowadays, people are spending more time online. They are just searching on social media for every small need. This is the ground why they are following the media influencers. These influencers are the social media users who got more following in the community.

People do believe what was suggested by the social media influencers. So, catch them and follow them. Make them to support your brand and give promotion to their posts. This will definitely get you good results, I bet on it.

#6 Content Marketing still has its positive impact:

As per the survey, 20% of the marketers still believe that content marketing would have its positive impact on the digital marketing. When compared to the individual methods like paid search marketing, organic search marketing, and social media marketing content marketing is in the top position of the list.


#7 Use of social media management tools:

When businesses are looking at the social media for their business promotion, smart developers give their hand in helping the business people. In these past few years, the use of the social media marketing software is increased drastically.


For instance, SocioBoard is one of the most flexible tools to manage the social media accounts and automate the processes. With the use of the SocioBoard, you can load multiple social accounts into the dashboard and manage them single-handedly. You can even make the processes automatic. This really saves you a lot of time and effort.


These are the trends and circumstances that would be prevailing in the digital marketing for this year 2016. But, there may be some more trends that change the game and create sensations. So, study and get up-to-date information about the digital as well as social media marketing.