Have you ever wondered what would be the better practices for facebook posts?

want to know how different posts would do for your business page?

Here in this article, we are presenting an analysis of the performance of the variety facebook posts.

The aspects of posts discussed here include posting with a hiatus, using a facebook post scheduler, posting with visual content, use links in posts, include personal profiles in your business page, status updates etc.

So, here we start:

Hiatus in posting

When I was an active user on facebook, my posts reach the number of users. But, I tried giving a break and stopped posting on facebook. After some months, I’d again posted on the page but, I did not get the response I used to get.

This taught me to keep my business page active all the time. Once the users forget your brand, they will not come back to you. So, always try to get connected with them.

Using a Facebook posts scheduler

Once I failed with my first experiment, I started using the automation tools for facebook. FaceBoardPro is the best tool I used to automate my posts.

Once I automated posts, I need not bother of searching for content every day and remembering to post them. Whenever I found time, I just save the content and schedule it for someday on FaceBoardPro.


I observed an increment in the reach of my posts very soon. And I could revive my facebook page.

Posting visual content

There is a lot of change in the performance of posts when I posted plain text and visual content. What I observed is, the visual content is very attractive and effective enough to grab the attention of a large number of users.


People on facebook want fun on facebook. They get it only through the multimedia content posted on the wall. This is the secret of success of many brand pages, I thought.

Posting with links

These postings can do very well. You can post the links to your blogs or to any other web pages. Thus, you can get the organic traffic to your website.


Including personal profiles

When you are an active user on the facebook, it would be very helpful posting your personal posts as well. Especially, public profiles can use their profiles for making their business pages reach a large number of the user.

Occasional status updates

These are not much effective when compared to other methods. However, you can get a large number of likes and comments if you are an active user of the facebook and have more friends on the list.

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Final word

From all the above aspects, we can conclude that it is better to use the multimedia content rather than plain text. Promote your blogs and websites of business with the links posting on the Facebook wall.

If you are very active on facebook, it is too good to post your personal posts.

It is very much recommended to use the automation tools like SocioBoard to make an effortless social campaign. Moreover, do not give any breaks in the social activities.

This is a continuous process that leads to the success.