Twtboardpro is an open source product of Socioboard. It is a best solution to manage twitter accounts specially created with a purpose to control multiple twitter accounts. With the help of twtboardpro users carry on their regular activity on their personal system such as viewing profile, retweets, receiving and sending tweets and many more. Twitter users can use it to organize the tweets of their friends. By using this amazing app, one could handle several tweets received from the friends. Using this remarkable Desktop application, a user can simply handle tweets, favorite retweet and many more.

Twtboardpro is a best platform to connect with your target audience with precision, spread your thoughts via messages all the time, manages campaigns as well as much more in order to achieve your goal of marketing. People having their brand pages of Twitter must use this tool to actually understand and get the maximum revelation for their brands.

Account Manager

This application provides the chance to ensure that you will never lose access to your account through an email address which is accurate and up-to-date. The account manager module assists in updation of email, username along with password for both single and multiple accounts.

Account manager - USED

Wait & Reply

The twtboardpro, is provided by wait and reply feature which implies that you can tweet and reply with a single click. The process involves uploading the tweet list and reply all the messages and then post the reply on the search tweets. You can observe all process are managed via delay time settings.

wait and reply

Scrape user

This feature of twtboardpro, refers to obtain the Twitter users list to follow. Obtaining scrape users from keywords, names and get Trending hashtag list too. In addition to that you can get usernames from the respective user-ids too.

scrape users

Ip Setting

This module of twtboardpro, helps in checking Public or Private IPs and then the loaded accounts are assigned with working proxies assign working proxies without any nuisance. Even the IPs status can be checked by this module revealing working or non-working.

IP setting

Tweet Creator

In this module, using the spin text you can deploy tweets. You can get tweet from number of tweets without worrying about scrape tweets from the keywords. To use on the campaigns, you can directly scrape any targeted users tweets and retweets.

tweet creator-DONE

Filter users

If you want to filter long list of usernames on the basis of tweets, followers, followings and locations, then this module is ideal for you. It helps by uploading the same here and sort out them easily.

filter users

Retweet & Favorite

You may be searching a way to resell or increase the retweets and favorites of a particular tweet. This module of twtboardpro helps in getting a number of retweets and favorites in no time.

retweet and favorite-DONE


This module helps in following multiple accounts by uploading from the account the usernames or user-ids. You can follow the particular by filtering through different ways. You can obtain users from any username directly and then follow them resulting in saving time and effort.



This module paves the way to get rid of those users who are not following you by unfollowing them. You need to just upload the list of followers to unfollow and with a click unfollow them.


Account Actions

This is the most effective module which sort out the active accounts and remove the one which is not working. It paves to use best accounts for campaigns and processes. Through this, a list of Twitter usernames can be checked to get working and suspended ones to follow easily.

Account actions -USED



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