Most of us are much aware of the fact that every social media campaign that goes on without an adequate number of followers, is considered to be having a lesser impact. However, in an attempt to climb up the engagement ladder; brands and business entrepreneurs have started taking their experimentation beyond Twitter and Facebook.

And with major brands shifting their allegiance towards Instagram. Some are giving a thought to social networks that haven’t been explored to a great extent; like Snapchat. Back in when it started, its success trajectory didn’t look much impressive. But with time it has evolved and certainly earned a reputation for its quick growth and innovation. Thereby establishing itself as a platform for brands and individuals.

Why Snapchat Deserves attention?

Snapchat offers its users to create nimble, cheerful video contents, even with certain educational values. It makes the usage of valuable production resources, thereby offering a glimpse into the future of mobile marketing. The user can easily send snaps that go into the recipient’s inbox but has some time limitation. The sender has the authority to decide the time range for which his/her texts can be viewed. Thus during exclusive sales, this feature enables a brand to promote a sense of urgency among users.


Snapchat For Marketing


For brands, it acts an opportunity to share their knowledge and culture with new audiences, in a completely new and exciting way. Hereby are certain stats that would indicate Snapchat’s popularity among brands and customers:

  • It receives almost 4 billion views per day on its video contents.
  • Over 60 percent users contribute content daily, resulting in a massive quantity of user-generated contents.
  • Snapchat turned out to be the most popular social media site after Facebook and Instagram, especially for teens.

How To Use Snapchat For Social Media Marketing:


  • Create A Personal Account :


Snapchat Account Creation

Before Snapchatting on behalf of your brand, create your own personal account. Follow those whom your audience and clients may follow. Just get into a flow of using it by adding friends and family. As this is no formal practice, it would help you understand and get insights regarding its usage. Thereby helping you to make better and faster decisions later.


  • Create A Plan To Measure Your Hits:


For any social media usage regarding business purposes, one must keep track of what is going around? How many people are watching you? Thus social media analytics often has benefits of its own. Snapchat, on the other hand, provides you all analytics at the end of the day showing your views, replies, and screenshots. Here are certain tips which will give you better idea about these:


  • Have a look at your retention rate. This will offer you with the percentage of people watching your story frames. Thereby you can judge which is performing better?
  • Looking at the percentage of viewers who dropped soon after second snap will help you measure the attractive prowess of your content.
  • Perspective qualitative feedback can help you get a better idea of your own success. So if you are getting positive replies, it resembles that you are on the right track.

Snapchat Analytics


  • Start With Giveaways :


With Snapchat’s time limit feature on the go, it’s definitely a good platform to giveaway. As you can leverage that urgency prospect to get more engagement. Apart from all these, you can directly ask your followers to participate in various contests. By simply sending them entries and thereby creating interactive sessions.


  • Properly Use Stories Feature:


Snapchat has features that help you turn your snaps into stories. Which are nothing but a collective show of photos and videos. Thus brands can very well create such stories and add new contents to it. This can also come in handy during new launches.


Snapchat Stories


However before creating any such videos one should go to his/her account settings and permit all your followers to see those.


So in this blog, I have made you aware of certain deliberate techniques to improve your social media marketing through Snapchat. Ongoing through, you will definitely have certain ideas on how to proceed with your marketing strategy.

Thus if you liked my blog? Do let me know. If you got benefited from it? Share your reviews and comments.