From the day of coming into reality inboardpro never slow down its pace in providing the most powerful, affluent professionals to the recruiters through a single site. Over 300 million users, an estimated 50% inboardpro users were holding the final decision taking power in top companies all over the world. To progress and win in your business, there is no other better substitute than Inboardpro.

To get the best knowledge about inboard pro have a look on what our different sections covers

Inboardpro Search

With the help of this feature you can quickly trace the information of any people or company as per they mentioned in their profiles.

linkedin search

Compose Message

Promptly send message to all the peoples you are connected with.

compose msg

Inboardpro Scrapper

Scrap the data you need and comforts your social media marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Add Connection:

Assist you to establish connection via email id or with only keywords.



Message Group Member:

Provide real time messaging to many group members if they were not in your network.

msg group member

Create Group:

You can build groups and add or invite peoples to join your group within moments.

create group

Join Friends Group:

You can easily join your friend’s each and every group you want.

join friends group

Join Search Group:

With the help of inboardpro you can find group of your favorite niche and can join it in real time

join search group


Group Status Update:

You can post your thoughts in any group whenever you want.

group status update


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Explore the proficiency of the unmatched features of InBoardPro which devised in such a manner that it synchronized with your impeccable digital marketing campaign.

Add connection:

You can amalgamate with your connections via two means

  •         Email- using this you can promptly add any particular person.
  •         Keywords- keywords will help you to add people as per the niche you want. You just have to achieve the keyword and software will do the remaining part by request to random profiles to establish connections.
  1.      Inboardpro search:

With the help of this feature you can fetch the details of people or company directly from their profiles using names only. Also you can simply scrap the data from their profiles with the help of their profile url.

  1.      Inboardpro scraper:

This is one of the most important feature of inboardpro which scrap the inboardpro profiles. It consist all features which inboardpro has in their advance search section.

  1.      Status update:

Sharing thoughts and ideas with all the inboardpro members will become very easy. Simply updating your status will deliver your thoughts to all inboardpro members.

  1.      Create group:

You can make numerous group with the help of your inboardpro account. With this feature you can also permitted to send invitations to all your connections to join your already created groups.

  1.      Join friends group:

You can join your friend’s group. This feature helps you to search for your friends list. As you find the group your friends owned, you can send request for joining them.

  1.      Join search groups:

You can easily search groups as per your alike niche and instantly send invitation for joining them.

  1.      Group status update:

You can easily get your thoughts to make way to the group members by updating group status.

  1.      Compose message:

This feature helps you to message your connections all at a time. This includes features like spintax and tag feature which protect it from being getting declared spam.

  1.      Message group member:

With this unique feature you can send message to peoples who are outside your network through a common group.

  1.  Proxy setting:

If you want proxies attached to your account or simply want to assess them. With this feature you can simply test private or public proxies and assign afterwards.

  1.  Endorse your profile:

This feature will you to approve your skill., this feature helped you to endorse your skill or someone you know.


With our blog section you can easily blowout your voice among your as well as all other connection.


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Live online training

With our 24/7 live online training you can learn how to get out the best from the boardpro. You can able to learn the basics of the products, get used to with the boardpro software, delve deep into the interactive technology. We designed an instructor-led online option for you.



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