Social media today has changed everyone’s life by simplifying the way they get in touch, shop, share stuff, and interact with people living in any corner of the world. Each social media has its own advantages, and catering to those is what will make your posts stand out to become more successful. Social media marketers today need to be creative and more importantly patient when posting on different social networking platforms.

Here are the top four of the most prominent social networking sites on the Internet today, and some useful tips on how to modify your posts for different social media and make your business online as successful as possible.



Undoubtedly, Facebook is the gold standard of social networking. Love it or hate it, it’s essential to make a good presence there for making your business successful, so using it properly is essential. They call it the Newsfeed for a reason: more people are turning to Facebook for getting information. So, make sure to post high-quality information that your audience find relevant & useful, and better yet, find worth sharing to their friends and networks. Today, most of the Internet users are accessing Facebook via their smartphones, so creating mobile-friendly posts and content is always a plus. But the most important tactic for a good Facebook post is to include a high-quality image. A recent study found that posts including at least one photo have the highest rate of engagement on Facebook!

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Punctuation and correct grammar are often sacrificed on Twitter for following the 140 character limit. But remember you should make your business look professional, so it’s better to avoid using abbreviations or misspelling words to try and add more information. Also, keep at least 20-30 characters left over after typing out your tweet, which will allow users to easily retweet your content with a comment of their own.

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TwtBoardPro is one such Twitter marketing software that helps you automate the tweets, retweets, favorites and other in just a few clicks. It’s a perfect tool that makes Twitter marketing a kid’s play.



Since LinkedIn is strictly a professional social media site, you are going to have a very specific audience to target your posts towards. Spend some time researching your audience and analyzing which posts you’ve shared in the past that have gotten the best reactions, and tailor your future posts using that information. Users also don’t want to linger on LinkedIn, so try and keep your posts as informative and useful as possible.

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InBoardPro is an open source LinkedIn marketing software that helps businesses to manage numbers of LinkedIn accounts at once. It’s a desktop app that easily and moreover, very efficiently automates everything on LinkedIn.


Instagram may make anyone feel like a professional photographer, but that doesn’t mean basic photography rules can be avoided. Always use the rule of thirds, where the subject of your picture occupies 2/3 of the screen. Also, don’t go too crazy with the photo editing. Try and keep your filters consistent, easy to see things clearly, and provide a standard look for your company posts. And possibly the best thing about Instagram is its comments section, which always attracts people to share their opinion. Use this to your advantage by asking a question in the photo description, and responding to commenters in a way that doesn’t simply sell your brand.

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GramBoardPro is an amazing Instagram marketing software that assists in the management of multiple Instagram accounts. It automates every task essential for Instagram marketing, and eases the way to reach out more target audience via Instagram.

In Conclusion—

Creating content reflecting an awareness of the subtle differentiates between social networking platforms, and will indeed advance the overall effect of your message, boosting relationships with your audiences, and assist your business flourish!


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