When it’s about highlighting any newly launched product, some of the social networking platforms are extremely visually challenging than Instagram, making it a perfect place to flaunt all your latest arrivals to your customers and target audience.

Here are some of the helpful tips for assisting you in determining what you should post when to post, and how you can make it reach to more crowd of people.


Image Design and Quality

The first but most crucial thing is that the image of your product should be of high quality and moreover clear. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to invest money in any professional camera or photographer for getting the high-quality effect. There are many smartphones whose camera that works well which can be used to take images of your products. And moreover, there are many apps available using which images can be edited and modified.


Image Content

The images should contain relevant content describing the product so that it’s easier for the customers to get about your product. Also, ensure to share some blend of products and fun stuff, like relevant memes or photo of your employees, or events, to offer a behind-the-scenes picture of your business or company to your customers.


Short Videos

Now, Instagram has started the option to post videos. Videos can be directly uploaded using your phone or tablet’s library or it can be instantly recorded with some dedicated video app. normally, the video must be only of 3 – 15 seconds long. There is also a facility to add geotags and filter to the video. Apps like ‘lipogram’ can be used for giving doing some creativity or making fun or short ‘photo-videos’ set to music.

Using hashtags

If you’re a newbie to Instagram, ensure that your posts are set to ‘public’ display! This is to make sure that you can include hashtags into your images and short videos. Don’t forget that you can also include numbers and letters in your hashtags, however, there is a restriction in using any special characters or spaces. Also, you can add only 30 tags on any post.

If you are confused about which hashtags to use, it’s recommended that think about what probably your customers or potential customers may be searching for, and then make use of those keywords on your hashtags.

hashtag (1)

When to post?

Consistency is the key when considering the frequency of your posts. Decide some basic pattern for posts in the starting itself and be stuck with it. Instagram accounts which all of a sudden cut back on their posts’ frequency may surely lose out their followers quickly.

Discover when to post? Socioboard is an amazing app which helps in determining the best times to share out your post depending on the followers’ engagement. Using Socioboard, you can get an idea about the overall number of likes, an average number of likes and comments in each image, most-liked images, and follower growth charts. If you have a busy schedule, then you can automate your posts on Instagram so that it can be posted at times you have scheduled it. This makes sure that you don’t miss any chance to reach out your customers. With Socioboard, you can handle numbers of Instagram accounts at once using single dashboard.

Promoting your post

Simply posting images of your latest product is good, but it’s not sufficient for driving sales. You have to work to advertise it properly, and make it reach to more crowd of the target audience and get noticed by both existing as well as potential customers.

Here are a few quick tips to fuel your Instagram marketing campaign:

  • Link all your Instagram account with your official Facebook account.
  • Follow all the people who are following you. It’s because if one of your followers likes your brand, there are chances that his or her friends can like your brand.
  • Follow the followers of your competitions.
  • Include your Instagram pictures and videos in your blog and website as well.
  • Host an image contest on Instagram including hashtags for keeping the track of submissions.

The most crucial tip doesn’t forget to get engaged with your followers. Make them feel that they’re valuable and important for your business, and you’re listening to them. Respond to your followers’ comments, no matter it is a good or bad one.

Thus, use these tips for promoting your new as well as old products on Instagram.