FaceBoardPro is an open source Facebook management solution, used to manage the Facebook accounts operated by businesses and organizations to market their brand. It’s a web-based tool which can be run from its website and access it from any computer. FaceBoardPro’s mobile app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Today, Facebook has gained much popularity, having millions of users from all over the world. It has become a great tool for marketing your business. Having an exceptional analytical, promotional and marketing strategies can make you climb the ladders of success. And this is where FaceBoardPro comes into action. It’s one of the leading and most beneficial marketing tools that can assist you to make a different stand among the others in today’s tough competitive business world.

Managing your numerous Facebook profiles is no more a daunting job now. FaceBoardPro provides following features that helps in easy handling of Facebook profiles-

Account Management

Having your different Profile and the Facebook Pages, all in a single place with FaceBoardPro means that you can do all your updating of Facebook profiles in one place. Once signing up to FaceBoardPro, you can easily manage numerous Facebook accounts using a single dashboard. Simply add the accounts you want to manage under the ‘Manage Accounts’ tab, and know about the status of their friends. You can edit your profile name and change profile language too under the ‘Edit Profile Name’.

Account mgmt

Friend Management

This section lets you manage your Facebook contacts easily. You can add people or send request by searching them via keywords, location or through their profile URLs. You can even ‘stop request’ if you don’t wish to add more people. One amazing feature of FaceBoardPro is, you can send a friend request through email or mobile number too.


Pages Management

This section lets you manage Fan page liker, Comment liker, Fan page poster, Fan page Inviter and Web site liker. This lets you to deliver the message directly to the targeted audience. You can easily invite your friends to your page through ‘fan page inviter’ module. ‘Fan page poster’ lets you post the content to target the right audience.


Wall Management

This section is used to update your Facebook wall status with simple greetings, messages or relevant URLs (images or videos), and the same you can stick on to for your friends as well. Using the ‘Post Pic on Wall’ you can post the images to your or your friend’s wall.


Events Management

This feature lets you manage the events in Facebook using two options: Event Creator and Event Inviter. Using FaceBoardPro, simply create the events with just a click and put up all the essential information in a text file. After the creation of the event, invite your friends by sending a request.


Messages Management

Now, there is no need to login in different accounts to see the notifications and messages. Using FaceBoardPro, you can simply load the text and images to send them to your friend’s inbox and even to those Facebook profiles which are not in your friend’s list.


Photo Management

In Facebook, tagging is one of the thing that assists to reach out your targeted audiences. Post images and tag your targeted audiences easily. You can also download photos from a page.


Scraper Management

It is one of the most beneficial feature for businesses you want to know about the active leads. FaceBoardPro give the features of fan scraper, events scraper, message scraper, friends scraper, FB ID extractor and lots more, that assist businesses to reach their targeted audiences easily.



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