TwtBoardPro, is an effective twitter management solution from socio board. It is completely innovated to manage the twitter accounts helpful for marketing your brand. It helps users to carry on their regular activity of viewing profile, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, etc. which is deployed by the twitter users to arrange and access their friend’s tweets.

Tweet Creator

It is a simple section with options to upload both input and output files where all the necessary contents required to create tweets can be loaded. There is an option of keyword tweet extractor to get the tweets based upon specific keywords.  There is also an option of tweet extractor to extract tweets via specific user id. Next there lies retweet extractor  to extract all the retweets based on a userid. A process logger is that helps one to get the status of current process.

Tweet creator


One can schedule tweets as and when required with the help of a Tweet interface. Here a user can upload a file having tweets. Then all one need to do is to just set the time, number of tweets, time, number of tweets per day as well as various others filters.Just one click and it starts tweeting and with a click it stops. It also has an option to organize retweets or number of replies per day.


Retweet and Favorite

Using this feature a user can upload a URL or file containing a list of more than one URL’s to make retweet and favorite. There are certain options to customize the process like choosing one among retweet or favorite, using public or private proxies, delay threads and also the option to check favorite with images.

Retweet and favorite


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