Most businesses are using Facebook ads for advertising their business and connect with their potential customers. Are you noticing a dramatic change in your Facebook’s business page engagement from the last few months? It’s because of the Facebook’s algorithms updates which have set off some difference of opinion over the motives like motivating users to get services of advertising.

Lots of Facebook Page owners have noticed a decrease in the online visibility of their posts which appears in the News Feeds. By tweaking your Facebook ads, you can get the engagement of your customers as well as your prospects back and even boost your follower base.

Here are some ways how to boost the visibility of your Facebook ads-

Know Audience Targeting


When searching for your target audience to show your ad, don’t search them only by specific categories like through gender, age group or location. It’s very crucial to explore your customers and know who are your customers so that you can narrow them and segment accordingly. Precisely target the audience whom you think can be beneficial for your brand. For instance, if you’re marketing about something which people are interested to buy, you many want to approach those people who have bought it from you before or showed an interest in buying them.

When making an ad for your target audience, keep their interest and demographics in your mind. Target interests by determining the pages that your potential customers likes. It’s good to target your direct competitors’ pages. For instance, if you’re an owner of a bakery shop in Tokyo, target the followers of the page of a competing bakery shop in your location to know about your follower’s interest.

You can also target the pages of businesses who is offering complementary products and services as that of yours, because you both may have same customers.

When an individual likes your page, see their profile explore what are their interests, and what all pages they like. You may get some common interests among your followers.

Target the real pages showing up Interests, instead of the interests themselves. Don’t only see the number of likes in a Facebook page, rather look up at the page what it’s actually all about before creating ads.

Use a Vanilla Image With Minimum Text


Before picking the image for your ad, make sure to choose the one that’s relevant to your business and the audience you are targeting. For instance, if you’re an owner of a personal brand, try using your photo because a friendly face can be beneficial for improving the performance of your ad.

Show the picture of your offered product or service or something which relates to your ad.

In the image, show someone using your brand’s offered products or services, and tell your audience how it can be beneficial for them as well. The image should be clutter-free, means don’t use too bright or too dull color, and make use of proper text color matching the background color.

Try avoiding Facebook’s blue color in your ad as it may make people think it’s something related to Facebook, and thus they may ignore it.

According to Facebook’s guidelines, the text must be only 20% of the ad image. Over-stuffing text in the ad image will make it difficult for people to understand what actually your ad is about.

Keep Short, but Eye-Catchy!


The ad copy must be brief and so attractive that it quickly grabs the audience’s attention. Facebook recommends to add up a price and time-frame in the ad copy whenever possible and stick to a single CTA (call-to-action). Take the time to create an ad copy, but make sure to bring an exceptional one!

You can make different ads using different text, and check out which one works best for you and gets you the most engagement.

An ad copy comprises of two part; headline and text. The headline of the ad is clickable when shown in the news feed, so it’s recommended to make the headline of a single line. The text in the ad must be short enough so that the viewer don’t have to click on See more button.

If you’re a novice to Facebook marketing world, then you can take the assistance of FaceBoardPro. It’s an open-source Facebook management tool that eases the Facebook’s marketing process and helps in reducing the overall marketing efforts and costs as well. Using FaceBoardPro, you can manage your posts and schedule them at times when most of your target audience are active.

Decide an Ad Budget


Instead of choosing a lifetime ad budget, pick daily ad budget for more visibility. Initial from a small budget, and as it starts working for you, slowly turn up your efforts and increase your daily ad budget a bit. Through Facebook ad, you can get good conversion rate but how much conversion rate you get it depends on the kind of business. If this ad helps you turn leads to into a sale, the ad cost is totally worth it.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Facebook is an amazing platform for marketing your business and in turn getting positive results. All that’s needed for successfully advertising on Facebook is to know how to actually increase the visibility of your ad and target your market to acquire positive and profitable results.

How these tactics worked for you? Did you implemented any other strategy for increasing your Facebook ad visibility? Which strategy worked best for you? Share your experiences and opinions in the comment section below.

Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility