The twtboardpro, amazing open source application which helps twitter fans in handling as many tweets from their friends.Basically, this apps provide the user to handle all the tweets, retweets, favourites and many more ivia one tool. It is loaded with lots of features that makes it easy for one to manage twitter accounts in the best way possible. It is a best option for people who do not want to engage with the website for a small account setting. It is also a best solution for people who are targeting twitter to market their products and services.

Here are 2 simple ways to manage accounts in twitter:

Account Actions

It is a feature using which one can insert all the account checker inputs, like a local file containing all the usernames, email files containing a list of email id’s with their respective passwords in a specific format. There is also an option to get username from an account. a user can also add a list containing all the group names to it that further assign group names to twitter accounts. Whole process can be controlled with  single clicks and can get a clear real time log of the underlying actions.

Account actions -USED

Account Manager:

In order to manage lots of twitter accounts an account manager feature is there that helps one to load a file containing emails or user-names. Here one can change the username that will be going to display on screen, email or even get random email or user screen name. Now in order to change the password of accounts just put the new passwords in instructed format in the file and add in it. There is also an option to set time delay and number of threads. At the same time one can also disable e-mail notifications.

Account manager - USED

Let me Manage my Twitter Accounts