Twtboardpro is an open source tool to manage the account of twitter in a best possible way. It is a product of socioboard with different effective features to control access to lots of accounts with a single click saving you lot of time. It is a simple to use Desktop application to perform tweets, favorite, retweet and many more activities without logging on it.

It is a potential application for online marketers who want to handle lots of accounts for their marketing purpose.It has many features to manage accounts, scrap and filter user accounts, make and scrap tweets, set IP , manage followers amd many more.

There is a recent updation of newly advanced features to make it further easy to use like:

Scrape Profile Image:

With the help of this feature, one can scrap profile images by adding a file containing a list of user name or user id’s.

new feature scrape profile image

Follow your Followers:

Using this feature one can follow the followers of an account. There are options to put the number of followers, number of threads and the time period in seconds  to give delay in follow.

new features  follow your followers

Direct Messaging:

It offer a best option to send a message to one or more than one followers. One can set total number of followers, threads and delay between sending 2 messages.

new features direct message

Scrape Members via URL:

Just give a URL from where you need to scrape users. There is an option to select the number of users to be scrapped.

new features scrape member using url

Advanced Search:

One can search about specific words, exact phrase and other different filters. It also provides the facility to filter people from different accounts.

new features advanaced search

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