twitter engagement

Twitter has been in existence since a long time and it is one of the very useful platforms to start and build your business easily. If you are well-aware about it, you can smartly and efficiently use Twitter for expanding your reach, promoting your content to the largest maximum crowd and encourage engagement and build relationships with the prospects.

If you’re a rookie and starting from scratch with Twitter, one of the top leading social networking platform, it may initially take some time to build a strong following, as soon as you are done with your initial struggle, you may likely find that your Twitter marketing campaign will take on a life of its own like a piece of cake.

Most of the businesses are making the mistake of using Twitter only for self-promotion purpose without focusing on building good engagement and developing strong relationships with their valuable followers. Regrettably though this way might surely work in the short term, but for the long term maybe you are not going to achieve the results which you are desiring for. Your main objective should be to cultivate more customers using Twitter to benefit your business growth.

For getting success in Twitter, as with the most other social networking platforms, you have to get engaged with your audience actively and should focus on making strong relationships and sharing the contents of other people like that of yours or maybe even more than your own sometimes.

Here are a few of the points that can assist you in building your engagement on Twitter for establishing a constant, solid presence and collect a strong list of leal followers.

What to post on Twitter?


When posting on Twitter for your business, it’s crucial that you must keep on topic. It means that you should not post any snippets related to your own personal life, pictures of your cat or pets, family photos, or your viewpoint on non-work related topics, you can do this on the odd occasions only. For seriously working to get more engagement on Twitter you should maintain a constant flow of relevant, interesting and valuable posts. Ensure you are sharing your own content, but don’t forget to supplement your post by sharing other peoples’ content also. The other thing that matters is the TIMING. You can use TwtBoardPro to schedule and automate your tweets to make sure you are constantly making your words reach to your existing as well as potential customers without fail.

If you have nothing to share on Twitter, in that case, you can:

  • Retweet the relevant content of other people. But, ensure that it must be of high quality and have good information which are useful for your audience.

  • Respond to people and influencers who are having the discussion on topics related to your industry or market.

  • Share your opinions on relevant topics for encouraging interaction and discussion.

  • Throw some interesting questions for encouraging the conversation and boosting user engagement. Make use hashtags wherever it is possible, for connecting you to broader conversations.

  • Share images, videos and other types of creative content and stuff. Visual content like images has found to give a positive effect on the total number of retweets your content can get.

Your Twitter bio:

It’s really worth spending some focus on composing an excellent Twitter bio, as potential followers may read it when deciding whether to follow you or not. A useless, irrelevant, common or badly written Twitter biography may reflect poorly on you as well as your company and may set you valued followers and credibility.

Whenever you are composing your Twitter biography, remember you won’t have lots of rooms there to write down. Therefore, it’s very important to create the bio briefly and precisely to make the most of space you have there.


Excellent Twitter bios possess several things in common. They’re brief, correct and proficient, plus they are specific towards the market they’re targeting. This really is essential as it pertains to establishing your trustworthiness and getting the best type of followers for your business. It’s likewise advisable to incorporate some personal information, particularly if you are able to share a fascinating reality about you to assist you in standing out from the crowd and producing interest.

Creating your account on Twitter is very important as it is extremely worthwhile for business owners and employees and certainly will assist you in boosting your presence and increase your authority in your selected market or industry.