Everybody wants to stay influential on social media and let me being blunt, it is now an endless need for every business that has to be full filled to stay competitive. For many, it begins by building your own brand.

The enterprise world is filled with people who say that they’re good entrepreneurs, marketers, etc., but how do someone really prove that they’re great entrepreneurs and marketers without revealing how much cash they’ve made from their clients?

With regard to business opportunities, the easiest means to improve your odds for success (apart from boosting your company) is by boosting your social media network. With over 2 billion active users on different social media channels, you will find lots of great opportunities to stay in stay in touch with other innovators, entrepreneurs and moreover, clients.

Although many businesses have social media profiles, still most of them don’t even initiated to engage their users with drivable content to transform their followers into clients. By the end of the day, your marketing efforts needs to be sales for your business.

Many of the time, simply having an accounts is not going to convert followers into clients. In 2014, my aim was to raise my Twitter followers, set up my personal brand as an entrepreneur, and generate sales for my company.

Here is how I dramatically boost my twitter followers and doubled the traffic of my social network within a weak. And this is how you can too

Set up a strategy

One of the primary factors why many people don’t see the outcomes in their quest because they don’t plan.

Want to shred body fat? Well, you can’t lose it overnight.

Need to make $1 million next year? You’ve to figure out just how many business could pay you $10k on a deposit for a year, and then seek 10 firms that have an interest in similar services.

Well, the same goes for our beloved social media fans. If you’d like a specific amount of follower gaggle around your profile, then you need a master plan to hit that amount daily, monthly, etc.
For instance, if you’re initiating from 0 followers now and need to reach up to 30,000 fans, you must get about 83 people to regularly follow you every day, till 2016.

Frame a content strategy

Who will be the kinds of people you would like in your network? I plot a list of “entrepreneurs” who I am friends with, or desire to work with-in the long run. Most of them are high power entrepreneurs and high power VCs.

Astonishingly, many of those entrepreneurs I examined were quite active on twitter, having an average of over 300k followers on twitter.

I studied the kind of posts and contents these influencers tweeted, regularity of tweets, and common response on their every single tweet (favorites and re-tweets).

Well, for your record; the best part of a tweet (more of a quote) is it will drive user-engagement over the roof, when compared with traditional blogs tweets, SEO related tweets or niche web marketing tweets.

I used Socioboard Core to schedule my social media post on twitter for nearly 6-7 tweets every day. Typically, my day start with a motivation or inspirational quote, and at around 10 am IST (focused on my twitonomy outcomes for maximum engagement) I’d tweet something which I need visitors for a new blog post for my website or my company.


Socioboard is world’s first open source social media management tool that helps brands and businesses to better understand and harness the real power of social media. Tboardpro is one of its state-of-the-art app that let you manage various twitter activities such as follow, unfollow, tweeting, re-tweeting and scheduling post.

While, for rest of the day would be 5 tweets about some fascinating posts. I take advantage of Socioboard tool for finding the most relevant content of my interests, and then tweet those.

Follow those who are “participating”

The phrase “engaging” is a comparative term, but, my definition of the phrase is finding users, or businesses that twitter quality and engaging content, and engage (meaning re-tweets and favorites). Moreover, I’d find people or businesses within my room of advertising, sales, business strategy and development that were unique on social, including HubSpot.

Follow them

Do not be concerned about if they follow-back or not. Focus on reaching your targeted amount daily. For those who really have a fascinating profile, and alike to the people you’re following, there’s a high possibility that these people will follow you back.

Likewise, I take advantage of an app called tboardpro available both as mobile and desktop app, allowing one to bulk follow and unfollow twitter followers. Well, the fun fact about this app is that it is fully open-source and available both for iPhone and Android users.


The big difference is rather than following random people, you should follow people who’re most engaging, thus increasing the odds of them socializing with your social content boosts.

In moments, it is possible to follow hundreds or even thousands of people, who’ll engage in your posts.

Participate with them

After following hundreds of people, what’s the secret to keeping and maintaining them as your founder?

I’ve discovered the best way to do that is to pay it forth, and be positively involved with users who followed you, or haven’t yet. What this means is spending ahead a re-tweet, favorite or answering a query they may have. Trust me, it will make them happy.

Astonishingly, the more hours spent on twitter, the more people you’ll find as potential customers, which it is possible to reach out to via LinkedIn.


After I first got my twitter account, I used to be intimidated by how many followers a few of my mentors and friends had. Yet, after using it step-by-step, and examining how other people reach tangible results, I’ve understood that it’s in fact easier.

What are your tricks for growing your twitter followers and grow your network?

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