women today are making their imprint and vicinity felt in verging on each field. They have understood the significance of marketing and how it could add to making their endeavor fruitful.

Women are making social media as their platform to achieve success. Especially, Facebook is the thing that enlights the skills of women and makes them entrepreneurs. It shows the women a pavement to derive success from their hobbies only.

Can’t you believe? Just read some success stories of the successful women who used Facebook for their achievement.

# Story of Alicia Souza

Here we are telling you a small success story of a girl who drives her hobby into a passion and makes a huge success. This all happens through facebook only.

On the off chance that you ask young artist Alicia Souza where her motivation to make originates from, she will say, “There isn’t only one source, the whole world is my wellspring of motivation.”

Alicia is making her vicinity felt on online networking with her eccentric and silly outlines. This young and bubbly business visionary who was, at first, bashful to share her work online now has a fan taking after of 50,000 or more followers just on Facebook. Alicia outsources and her items are available on Amazon.


Alicia went on to study communication design but ultimately she just wanted to draw and that is what she is doing now. With coffee and chocolate as her greatest sources of strength, she goes about putting  her thoughts on paper. “I feel when I draw cartoons, it’s like relaying a snippet or writing a diary entry albeit in visual form,” she says.

After school, Alicia moved to Melbourne to study Communication Design and kept focused five years. She then moved to Bangalore around four years back to outline at Chumbak. In the wake of putting in a year with them, she started freelancing.

She first wondered where to start her work. Soon she realized that Facebook was the right place to start with. She started posting her arts on Facebook. Right now, she got 53,932 likes for her Facebook page. This made her famous worldwide for her sketches.


Interesting, right? Come, let’s read one more story of a woman who used Facebook to air her protest against harassing women and become an entrepreneur.

# Story of Karnika Kahen

Touched with the harassment faced by women in her country, social activist Karnika Kahen asks,”why just aam aadmi? Why not aam ladki?”

That is the means by which 33-year-old sketch artist Kanika Mishra got invited into making Karnika Kahen, an ‘aam ladki’  who battles social foul play. Karnika Kahen appeared on Facebook on 31 August 2013.


This is the place where her cartoons gone viral. She fought against the forces that threaten girls in the country. Her Facebook presence made her appeared as a woman who makes the rest brave. News channels used her cartoons in their shows.

While she was fighting against the anti-social forces, she faced many threatening mails. But, thousands of women Facebook users supported her with her struggle.

Later she got married to a guy she started working for magazines and comics. With years of experience, she launched Gesture Graphics and Development. Till date, 6,888 people are following her on facebook.


There are so many other women entrepreneurs who used Facebook as their platform to market their ideas. By reading these success stories, you may also want to market your business and ideas through facebook.

Before that, you have to know some important things to keep in mind. Now, let us have a look at them:

  1. While building a site or an eCommerce store make the website easy to understand and also ladies agreeable with delicate hues, content identified with magnificence, maternity, wellbeing and shopping in the web journals, advancements, menu and so on. Most importantly guarantee that it is a quality site which is good as a versatile site and that it opens up rapidly inside of seconds.
  2. Make your business presence felt in online networking through channels like Facebook. Get genuine followers by advancing your page. Post fundamental upgrades and business related presents on Facebook on your followers. This will help in keeping current users entertained, increasing new followers and connecting with them.
  3. Make a web journal for your business that elements upgrades like offers, declarations, and helpful articles identified with your business zone, market patterns i.e. articles on current dressing and excellence patterns if you possess a style related systematic boutique. Post them on Facebook. The millions of users would receive your posts and read your blogs. This is the key element for success on facebook.
  4. Join in your business-related groups and connect with your business in exchanges on Facebook bunches, ladies situated discussions at your favored business region.
  5. Use the advertising services of Facebook. When you have reached a thousand people, you can get a good response for your business. Then, if you were using the Facebook ads services, you would get reached millions of users and make a great business. Facebook has that capability to create sensations.

Final word:

These are the tips that can help women to empower themselves through Facebook. So, know your interests, make passion and generate innovate ideas. In this technology era, this is not at all a tough task to make your thoughts and ideas spread all over the world.