Every here and now you may witness some type of change in the feedback which facebook launch. Keeping yourself updated with these features is not an easy task. Not only getting updated regarding these features is enough many times they confuse you. You will end up with questions like, how facebook for marketing will benefit you and what you can do with it.

Here we will discuss some of the most useful features for you which will help you to maximize your business.

News Feed

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Recently facebook has introduced a feature which enables the users to see what their newsfeed will show to other users. The important thing is that one can edit this preference in the drop down menu.

This will provide you with three options

you can hide posts of people by unfollowing them.

You can prioritize you can see first.

You can reconnect to the people you want to follow.

Among these the second option is the most interesting one, it help you to view friends, pages and groups depending on the number of stories which you have seen of them in last week.

If you want to avoid seeing the post of some group or people you can unfollow them the updates and posts of them were not visible for them. You may have noticed that most of the contents you were reading on facebook comes from news paper or some reading matter. That is why people start spending more times in group and reading their contents may be this why this became a trend too.

These days you will find many articles suggesting how one can prioritize any content in the news feeds, using these tactics of facebook for marketing they can prioritize their content to give a boost to the business. Well, there were many people who were against this thought, according to them this is like you are begging to your customers to keep them in your feed. If you have good content which is interesting and engaging then naturally it will attract people and grow your audience. Interesting content will not only engage the audience, but also people discuss and interact with it and will witness this more frequently in the newsfeeds.

This features will help you to understand the facebook features better. This will help you to post content which will be beneficial to you as using these features you will be connected to your business in a better way.

Business Messaging

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You may have heard that one to one interaction will do the best job and leaves a good impact on the mind of your customer. You may be finding a lot on inquiries to your page and it’s not possible to communicate with each of them all a time especially when you are running out of time. Now you can create canned responses this will save a huge amount of time which you may waste over responding to the inquiries. This technique will really skyrocket your reason of using facebook for marketing

Many people do not find this easily. But once you find it this will be very much easy to use.

Click on your received message

you will see the responses on the left-hand side of the message which has been drafted by facebook for you, you can create your own message too.

Now with facebook’s add-on feature which allows you to see how much responsive you are in replying to the messages.this will help you to see your graph and put a pressure on you to reply more swiftly and promptly.

Video Newsfeed

video news feed

you may have noticed that facebook is posting many video content. Visual viability is more easily be achieved over some content viability while using facebook for marketing. This will help the business to post video content on their products and grab an organic audience. Nowadays every facebook users timeline has been filled with some auto-playing videos.

The golden era of Facebook has finished now just simply communicating over facebook is not doing that much as it tends to do earlier. Now the most popular and hiked thing of facebook is video content and this tactic has been grabbed by businesses to expand their reach.

With the changed algorithm of facebook now facebook shows more videos to only those people who like watching facebook.

Videos which gives the best result when using facebook for marketing were

Tips: people like those videos which gives some useful tips

Humor: It’s very to tough to make someone laugh, but if you make someone laugh through some video it will he highly appreciated.

Emotion: people will connect themselves to the emotion very well.whenever we find some shocked, cry9ing, laughing or happy our curiosity will make us know more about that.

Live streaming

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With the latest features on facebook now live streaming became very useful as earlier it was very tough it needs a lot of setups to initiate live streaming, but now one can do it with a single click on the phone.

This can be anything something from your personal life like what you have cooked today to some expert advice. Tis became a way of sharing what is going on in our life with the world live.

Here are useful ideas for the videos

live demos

Expert advices

Interviews of celebrities

Showcase unique talents

Snippet of events

Go With One Pixel

with remarketing pixel you can capture more audience as this monitors the people who visit your website. You can make your audience with these peoples.

The conversion pixel monitors those people who do some action on your website through the facebook ads. This will helpful in setting up the website conversion ads for you to fetch you good ROI.

This conversion pixel has a downside as this make two chunks of code to your website.

The facebook now streamlined it and drop it to a single piece, this creation serves both the purposes.


If you haven’t tried this features than it is the high time to start using these features this will help you grow your business more. Performing and managing this features is not too much easy for someone who have the short time in hands.

You can use some good automation services who will make the things easy for you. One of the best and easy to use service is faceboardro.

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